Tuesday, 29 October 2019 13:45

Technical Rescue Guideline


  1. The purpose of this guideline is to establish a guideline for securing resources for response to incidents requiring a technical rescue capability.  Burlington County has limited technical rescue capability within the county and may require mutual aid to bring these types of incidents to a successful conclusion.


  1. The intent is to initiate this guideline when the local jurisdiction requests technical rescue assistance.


  1. Technical Rescue Incident is defined as any incident having at least one victim trapped, buried, confined or otherwise endangered in a location that requires rescuers with specialized skills and training to extricate them.  These incidents include but are not limited to:

    1. Structural or Building Collapse
    2. Trench Rescue
    3. Confined Space Rescue
    4. Swift Water Rescue
    5. High Angle Rescue

Procedure for Central Communications

  1. Upon mutual aid request from the incident commander, for a technical rescue company not identified in the local grid and depending on the location of the incident, notification shall be made to the Cherry Hill Fire Department at (856) 662-1111 or Mercer County TF801 at (609) 799-0110.

    1. Cherry Hill Fire Department Technical Rescue will be the primary technical rescue for the following districts: 

      10 Maple Shade
      11 Delanco
      12 Beverly
      13 Lumberton
      14 Edgewater Park
      16 Willingboro
      17 Southampton
      20 Cinnaminson
      22 Evesham
      23 Delran
      24 Riverton
      25 Medford
      27 Westampton
      28 Shamong
      29 Woodland
      31 Moorestown
      36 Mount Laurel
      37 Medford Lakes
      39 Hainesport
      42 Bass River
      43 Tabernacle
      45 Washington
      50 Mount Holly
      70 Riverside
      80 Palmyra

    2. Mercer County TF 801 will be the primary technical rescue for the following districts:

      60 Bordentown City 60
      33 Mansfield 33
      32 Bordentown Township 32
      67 McGuire AFB
      90 Burlington City
      38 New Hanover
      30 Burlington Township
      46 North Hanover
      26 Chesterfield Township
      19 Pemberton Borough
      34 Eastampton
      18 Pemberton Township
      40 Florence
      21 Springfield
      68 Fort Dix
      41 Wrightstown

    3. Large Scale Incidents may require notification to the New Jersey Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) Task Force 1 at (609) 882-2000.

  2. Notification shall be made to the Burlington County Fire Coordinator and EMS Coordinator.

  3. Notification to Burlington County Health Department for atmospheric metering support for the rescue company.

  4. Notification to Burlington County OEM. 

Guideline for the Incident Commander

  1. The incident commander while waiting for a the technical rescue company shall insure the following tasks are accomplished:

    1. Size up of the incident, identification of potential hazards.
    2. Establish a command post.
    3. Notify the Local Office of Emergency Management.
    4. Have a full first alarm assignment available, approximately fifteen firefighters with confined space awareness training available on scene to perform various support functions.
    5. Establish a safe perimeter around the site.
    6. Establish a collapse zone if applicable.
    7. Gather all available witnesses and make the available to the Technical Rescue Officer when they arrive.
    8. Collect any other data regarding the location of the rescue such as blueprints or drawings of the site, chemicals on location, and any other information that may be pertinent to the rescue.
    9. Establish an aero medical helicopter-landing zone

Guideline for the Fire Coordinator or Deputy Fire Coordinator

  1. Report to the command post and provide incident command support. 

  2. Coordinate with County Office of Emergency Management.

  3. Insure adequate fire and rescue protection is available in the region for response to additional incidents.

  4. Request mutual aid assistance as necessary following normal protocol, and plan for resource replenishment as necessary.

  5. For long term incidents, establish an incident support team to work in shifts for the duration of the incident.

Guideline for Technical Rescue Company

  1. Upon arrival the Technical Rescue Company Officer shall interface with the incident commander.

  2. The Technical Rescue Company will follow their established guidelines for response dealing directly with the rescue function and coordinate with the incident commander.

Resources Expected from Technical Rescue Company

  1. In the case when the Cherry Hill Fire Department is requested for a technical rescue, they will send their Technical Rescue Company out of Station 13-3, which has the following capabilities:

    1. Building Collapse Rescue
    2. Confined Space Rescue
    3. Heavy Rescue
    4. High Angle/Rope Rescue
    5. Swift Water Rescue
    6. Trench Rescue

  2. In the case when Mercer County Task Force 801 is dispatched, the following units will be dispatched by Mercer County:

    - Lawrenceville - Special Services 23, Ladder Tower 23
    - Pennington Road, Ewing - Rescue 32, Special Services 32
    - Bristol Myers-Squib - Special Services 27
    - Plainsboro - Rescue 49
    - Princeton - Rescue 168, Special Services 168
    - MICU Unit with Tour Chief (EMS team for rescuers, not trapped patient)
    - Mercer County Fire Coordinator.


    1. Collapse
    2. Confined Space Rescue
    3. Heavy Rescue
    4. High Angle Rescue
    5. Trench Rescue


  1. All fire departments in Burlington County shall be given a copy of this plan.  All Chief Officers shall become familiar with this plan.

  2. Any plan previously published which conflicts with this plan are hereby rescinded.