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Veh # Year Book Description Misc
1087 1990 Ford Rescue/Confined Space - JAWS - BAGS - Lights Concrete Cutting chain saw; (3) 325 GPM trash pumps; ice rescue
2329 2006 Pierce Rescue/Lighting - 15 KW-RIT-Ice Rescue Jaws, Airbags; Pneumatic Tools; Rope Rescue; Tripod; cold water & ice rescue; 4 immersion suits; Ice Rescue Gear Level 2; Ice Boards (2); Pulley Systems
2527 2000 Ford 300 Gal. Rescue/Mini - 4WD - Extrication Foam Injection; Holmatro Extrication tools; winch; water/Ice rescue equip; hazmat booms;
3018 1994 Intl. Rescue/Support - JAWS - 20 KW - Cascade HP Spreader; Cutter; Combo; 2 Rams; Electric Pump; Gas Portable Pump; Cribbing; air bags; Para Tech Air Hammer; Ice Rescue Sled; Two (2) Mercury Ice/Water Rescue Suits
3639 1988 Duplex Marion Rescue/Cascade - Cold Water Rescue ARC/AIR Cutting system, 12,000 lb winch; Ice/Water Rescue Sled & Suites; Confined Space Rescue Tripod & air supply; 2 sets Heavy Rescue spreaders, cutters, 6 rams; Pneumatic Tools impact wrenches, cutters; Command Post; 4 X 1500 light tower in addition to mount lights;
D161   Dive Team Trailer - 6 SCUBA - Ice Rescue Scuba and Ice Rescue Equipment, Wet Suits; Dry Suits; Underwater Communications (wireless & hardwire); Lift bags (2,000 lbs);