In Memoriam of our Heroes  

Firefighters who fell serving

 the Residents of Burlington County


"Lest we forget."



Joseph S. Morris

1883  -  1932

Lenola Volunteer Fire Company  -  Station 313


Mr. Morris was the first Fire Chief of the Department. When the siren sounded on that fateful day Chief Morris ran to the to the firehouse from his Claypool Avenue home. He pulled the engine out onto the ramp awaiting additional manpower. Chief Morris passed away at the wheel of the engine and was found by other arriving members.




Theodore Pennock

Died October 4, 1940

Union Fire Company  -  Station 502


Theodore “Dory” M. Pennock was attending a meeting of the County Fire Prevention Committee at the home of the County Fire Marshal on October 3, 1940, when a trailer truck overturned at the intersection of Route 25 (130) and Moorestown Road.  Pennock and others at the meeting rushed to the accident scene to offer assistance.


A second truck speeding down the highway crashed into the first.  It’s trailer broke loose, careened into a gasoline station and overturned several pumps.  Pennock was trapped under the trailer for 15 minutes.


Dory was taken to Zurbrugg Hospital.  His legs and lower body had been badly crushed.  He died early October 4th from his injuries.  He was 48 years old.






Edwin W. Redfield, Jr.

January 1, 1917  -  April 10, 1945

Independence Fire Company # 1  -  Station 801


Deputy Chief Redfield lost his life while trying to rescue a child during a mutual aid in a single family dwelling fire located at 905 Thomas Avenue in Cinnaminson Township.







Harry C. Forvour , Sr.

December 15, 1907  -  March 24, 1946

Hainesport Fire Company  -  Station391


Firefighter Forvour responded to the fire house to answer a fire call involving a vehicle on Route 38. He was driving the engine to that location and was broad sided by another vehicle at the intersections of Marne Highway and Broad Street. The impact  caused the engine to go over on it's side killing him.







Chester "Chet" Sutphin

October 31, 1924  -  April 4, 1952

Florence Volunteer Fire Company No. 1  -  Station 401

Firefighter Sutphin was a Chief Driver of the company and on that fateful day was leaving his home to go to work. Hearing the fire alarm, Chester "Chet" decided to respond to the firehouse and answer the call. While in route he was involved in a fatal collision at the intersection of West Third and Summer Streets.






 William Smith

Mitchell Fire Company # 4  -  Station 904

Died 1954






 Raymond Lutts

Cinnaminson Fire Department  -  Station 202

Died 1961


Firefighter Raymond Lutts, Vice-President of the Delaware Fire Company (now part of the Cinnaminson Fire Department,  Station 202.  Firefighter Lutts collapsed while engaged in suppression efforts at a structure fire on Riverton-Moorestown Road near Devon Road in Cinnaminson Township. 





Frank Jacoby

September 15, 1915  -  April 20, 1963

Niagara Hose Company No. 6  -  Station 906


Chief Frank Jacoby had responded for mutual aid to what is known as "Black Saturday", a horrific forest fire. After numerous assignments, his engine was heading to Coyle Field to protect fuel tanks when the fatal accident occurred between the engine he was riding on and a forest fire truck in the dense smoke on Route 72.








Alfred L. Brown

  August 24, 1905  -  April 18, 1968

Florence Volunteer Fire Company No. 1  -  Station 401


While performing his duties as a fire police officer at a motor vehicle accident located at Florence-Columbus Road, Mr. Brown, also known as "Paddy" was struck and killed by a hit and run driver.








James Q. Mohn, Jr..

June 21, 1949  -  August 31, 1968

Rancocas Fire Company No. 1


Fire Fighter Mohn had responded to a structure fire and during the suppression efforts lost his life when the ground ladder he was repositioning came into contact with an over head electric line.





  Harris Shrine

Cinnaminson Fire Department  -  Station 201

Died 1969









 Carmen Cavallero

April 27, 1924 - July 10, 1971

Hope Steam Fire Company # 1  -  Station 902

Mr. Cavallero lost his life when he was run over by a fire truck that was responding to an alarm that turned out to be a false. Mr. Cavallero was responding to a box alarm that came in from Dilwyn and Penn Streets. While responding from the fire house, Cavallero fell from the cab of the Engine as it was making a right hand turn from the station.




Kenneth Leslie Applegate

March 30, 1947  -  September 19, 1971

Mission Fire Company No. 1  -  Station 321


Assistant Chief Applegate was operating at dwelling fire involving the basement of the house. During the suppression efforts an explosion occurred sending the roof into the air and collapsing the walls and floor. Four fire fighters were injured, Assistant Chief Applegate succumbed to the blaze.






Walter Roberts

October 16, 1910  -  September 7, 1972

Hose Company No. 1 - Station 311


Mr. Roberts had driven an ambulance to the Greenleaf nursing home while participating in a training exercise with the fire department. Shortly after arriving on location he collapsed from a heart attack.





Lawrence Betty

October 22, 1896  -  August 20, 1980

Independence Fire Company # 1  -  Station 801


Fire Fighter Betty lost his life during the suppression efforts of a multiple alarm structure fire at the Callahan Chemical Company located at South Broad and Filmore Streets in Palmyra Borough








John Allen "Jack" Rose

June 30, 1949  -  May 14, 1986

Eastampton Fire Company  -  Station 341


On that Fateful day the company was dispatched to a car fire at Methvin's Salvage Yard located on Woodland Road in Eastampton. Firefighter Rose was about to respond to the call with the second out piece, Engine 3411, when he suffered a heart attack behind the wheel.  Wht the other members returned to the station they found Firefighter Rose.







 Clifford W. Brown

June 17, 1925  -  December 26, 1988

Lebanon Lakes Fire Company  -  Station 292

Chief Brown was responding to a reported call of a automobile fire and while driving one of the engines was stricken with chest pains. Chief Brown was able to bring the engine to a safe and complete stop along Route 72 prior to collapsing in full cardiac arrest.





Robert J. Ansell

October 22, 1926  -  August 20, 1989

Hose Company No. 1  -  Station 311


Firefighter Ansell responded to the firehouse to answer a fire call in an old commercial building. While driving the engine out of the firehouse he suffered a fatal heart attack.





 Ray R. Rufe

September 11, 1917 - January 7, 1989

Goodwill Fire Company  -  Station 191


Mr. Rufe was responding from his home to the fire house to answer a call when he was involved in a collision at the intersection of Westampton and Hanover Streets.







Henry "Smokey" Williams

January 10, 1943  -  March 18, 1995

Delran Fire Company No. 2  -  Station 232



Fire Fighter Williams served as a Captain of the Fire Police for many years. He was also a crewman for the New Jersey State Forest Fire Service. On that fateful day, Smokey was participating in the annual physical  performance evaluation at Division "B" Headquarters and suffered a fatal heart attack.





Johnson "Jack" Oatman

September 9, 1942  -  November 6, 1997

Ewansville Volunteer Fire Company No. 1

Station 342


Fire Fighter Oatman had responded to the fire house to answer a motor vehicle accident call involving an Eastampton Police Officer with entrapment. Jack pulled the rescue truck onto the ramp and the brakes froze up. While switching gear to another truck he suffered a heart attack. Although immediate CPR and oxygen were administered he did not survive.








William "Willie" Barns

October 10, 1934-  September 16, 2001

Country Lakes Volunteer Fire Company No. 1  Station 183


On Sunday, September 16, 2001 the The Pemberton Township area departments were dispatched to a reported explosion and fire at the Browns Mills Burger King restaurant. While responding to the scene he suffered a fatal heart attack.








Woodrow "Woody" Pinkerton

April 23, 1939  -  April 19, 2003

Union Fire Company  -  Station 251


Woody was dutifully serving as Fire Police Captain on Sunday, February 23, 2003 protecting his fellow emergency services workers at the scene of a motor vehicle accident scene. Due to severe fog conditions, a motor vehicle carelessly struck Captain Pinkerton. He courageously battled severe complications from the injuries he received but succumbed to his injuries and passed away just three days short of his 64th birthday.








Roy Prouty

May 15, 1964  -  October 30, 2003

    Country Lakes Volunteer Fire Company No. 1

 Station 183


On the afternoon of October 30, 2003 a serious motor vehicle occurred in Pemberton Township prompting the use of an emergency medical helicopter. Chief Prouty was operating at the landing zone and suffered a fatal heart attack.






Firefighter Edward Marbet

February 24, 1964 - February 9, 2006

Burlington Township Fire Department

Station 301


Firefighter Marbet was alerted to a working fire in his own residence. Despite heavy fire and smoke conditions, and without the protection of turnout gear, Firefighter Marbet rescued his father and fiancée from inside the structure. A neighboring residence notified Emergency Services by a 911 call. After the rescues were made, all indications are that Marbet remained inside the structure in attempt to extinguish the fire. Unfortunately, prior to the arrival of his colleagues, Marbet succumbed to the heat and smoke conditions and his body was found on the second floor of his residence by the Burlington Township Fire Department.

He is survived by his Father Charles Marbet, sister and his fiancee Rebecca Daly who is expecting their first child.




Lieutenant Christopher J. Hunter

November 26, 1975 - November 15, 2014

Cinnaminson Fire Department

Lieutenant Hunter was a 22 year volunteer and career member of the Cinnaminson Fire Department. After working an overnight tour and responding to a number of emergency calls, Lt. Hunter suffered a fatal heart attack at home.



Only partial or no information has been received in regards to many on the list of fallen brothers above. So that we can truly honor these firefighters, we are seeking assistance with dates, photographs and short description of the events leading to their death.  Also, other information such as the family information at the time of the incident.


Please email information to webmaster.