Burlington County

 Strike Team / Taskforce Leader Guideline


adopted April 10, 2012



I.                   Purpose


A.    The purpose of this guideline is to establish Strike Team/Task Force Leaders to be used for both in and out of county responses.

B.     This guideline will provide a basic experience and educational requirements to serve as a Strike Team/ Task Force Leader.

II.                Requirements


A.    Educational

                                                            1.      Firefighter I

                                                            2.      Fire Officer I

                                                            3.      NJ IMS Level II (ICS-300)

                                                            4.      IS 700 and 800

                                                            5.      NWCG Strike Team/Taskforce Leader (or equivalent)

                                                            6.      NWCG Staging Area Manager (or equivalent)

                                                            7.      NWCG Status Check In Recorder (or equivalent)


B.     Experience

                                                            1.      Five Years as Certified Firefighter I

                                                            2.      Current or Past Lieutenant or Above

                                                            3.      Must be sponsored by current Fire Department due to insurance issues.


C.     Equipment

                                                            1.      Command Vehicle

                                                            2.      Radios

                                                            3.      Access to Maps or Mapping

                                                            4.      ICS Kit


III.             Procedure


A.    In County Responses

                                                            1.      Two Predetermined Strike Team / Taskforce Leaders

a.       Primary

b.      Backup / Aide

B.     Out of County Responses

                                                            1.      County Fire Coordinator to select


IV.             Communications

A.    Dispatch

                                                            1.      In County Emergency Response to be handled as normal dispatch

                                                            2.      Out of County Responses / Prearranged events will use the Global Connect Communicator.           

a.       Fire Coordinators to compile list of Strike Team/ Task Force Leaders.

b.      When need arises for Strike Team / Task Force Leaders the Fire Coordinator will activate the Global Connect Service.

c.       Each Leader will receive a phone call asking them if they are available. 


d.      Fire Coordinator will then review who is available and make assignments based on geographic and operational need. 

B.     Radio Communication

                                                            1.      In County

a.       Use approved Radio Terminology

                                                            2.      Out of County

a.       Contact appropriate County Dispatch Center

1.      “Camden County from Burlington County Ladder Strike Team A”


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