Meeting Minutes


Meeting Date: December 6, 2007


Minutes of the Burlington County Emergency Services Advisory Board for December 6, 2007.


Vice-Chairperson Craig Augustoni called the meeting to order at 7:00 P.M.


Members present: Richard Archer           Lee Daneker            Robert Rose

                           Craig Augustoni          Phil Drangula           Kenneth Anderson

                           Donald Horner             Fran Pagurek          Harold DeLaRoi

                                                                                          David Gsell


Minutes from the October, 2007 meeting was approved.




Fire Science – Mr. Anderson presented an oral and written report.


Fire Training –    Mr. Gsell advised that Winter/Spring catalogs are out. Registrations are

                         Beginning to come in.


                        Fall ’07 Graduation will be January 3, 2007, 7:00 PM at BCIT. Richard

                        Canas from NJ Office of Homeland Security will be guest speaker.


                        He is awaiting plans from the architect for the new burn building.


                        Mr. Gsell and S.I. Taylor traveled to an out-of-state training facility and

                        looked at a flash over simulator with a smoke scrubbing unit.


                        FIRETRAX has some bugs in it which are being removed. He believes it’s

                        OK and will begin using in January.


                        After burn building, re-hab of existing buildings will begin.


Radio – Mr. Saiia was absent. Mr. DeLaRoi advised that Motorola will be picking up

             permits for Sweetwater tower. March/April ’08 is target date for operational.

             Warren Grove site has slowed down due to FAA procedures. Other engineering

             work on this tower may need to be done.


            Mr. Pagurek asked about digital paging. Mr. DeLaRoi stated that Mr. Saiia has

            submitted a proposal to the Freeholders in his budget process. May know first

            quarter of 2008 if it will be funded. He emphasized that a lot of work still needs to 

            be done on this subject.









Mr. Archer presented the 2008 EMS Coordinators for consideration. After review, Mr. Pagurek motioned, second by Mr. Daneker to accept and forward to Freeholder Board for formal appointment.


Mr. Pagurek stated the EMS Coordinators have been very active. He further stated that the North Jersey EMS Task Force has been using all funds set aside for this purpose and South Jersey has been neglected. This has been a problem for two years and our EMS Coordinators are very concerned. He noted that in case of a major problem in Philadelphia, their evacuees are sent to Southern New Jersey. He attended a State EMS meeting with these concerns and was assured funding will be beefed up.


Mr. Pagurek noted a State Mass Casualty trailer is being assigned to Burlington County. An EMS Mobile Command Post is being housed in Camden County. He further noted that EMS Planners are in the system, but none assigned to Southern New Jersey. They are attempting to correct this.


County EMS people recently participated in a statewide exercise. Along with himself, Chief EMS Coordinator Mathew Hempel, Coordinator Bruce Herbst, and Mr. Anderson participated.


Mr. Gsell advised that the Lifetime Achievement Award notices are in the mail. February 15, 2008 is the nomination deadline.


Mr. Rose reviewed the 2008 meeting schedule with the Members.





Mr. Augustoni recognized Harold DeLaRoi for his work with the ESAB and the County Emergency Services in general. Mr. DeLaRoi has been a part of the ESAB since it’s creation in 1993. Mr. DeLaRoi is retiring on 12/31/07 and the Members wished him the best of luck.


It was noted the next meeting of the ESAB will be Thursday, February 6, 2008, beginning at 7:00 P.M. in the Freeholder Board Room.


The meeting adjourned at 7:40 P.M. on a motion by Mr. Horner, second by Mr. Drangula.



Report on Fire Science Technology Degree Program

December 6, 2007   



       The Advisory Committee met on October 30th.


?                Additional applications for the Fire Service and Fire Investigation certificates are being approved.  Additional publicity for the program has been submitted for Emergency Services News.


?                The new College Catalog is finished  The catalog is on the College website, www.bcc.edu


?                Work continues in preparation for BCC Re-accreditation by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools in 2009.  Dean Edwards thanked  Steve Taylor and others at the ESTC for providing information about the courses.  


?                The general conclusion is that there will be a need for new programs in Emergency Management, EMS, and Emergency Services Management in the future; maybe three to five years.  Investigations are continuing on who the audience would be at BCC and what topics should be included in certificate and/or degree programs.


?                Dr. Massina has often spoken of a baccalaureate program.  It could be through an articulation agreement or something offered at BCC in an arrangement similar to the Drexel at BCC curriculum.  There doesn’t seem to be a critical mass of graduates to support a baccalaureate program yet.


       As needed, I meet with students or interested firefighters about the program. 



C. Kenneth Anderson

Program Coordinator