Meeting Minutes


Meeting Date: December 3, 2009


The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM by Chairperson Thaddeus Lowden,


Members present: Richard Archer            John Augustino       Richard Dreby

                                John Collins                  Philip Drangula       David Gsell

                                Donald Horner              Fran Pagurek

                                Thaddeus Lowden


Minutes of the October 2, 2009 meeting were approved.




Fire Science:


Mr. Anderson’s written report was read into the minutes.


Training Center:


Mr. Gsell announced that the Fall Semester graduation will be January 7, 2010 at 7:00 PM at BCIT.  The new burn building is running 30 days behind schedule and a final test/inspection is scheduled for 12/11/09. Rehab of existing buildings is in progress. Flashover simulator has been given Freeholder approval. Spring semester catalog is out.  County working on data base upgrades. Four vendors are being interviewed. All departments are being considered.


Life Time Achievement Award - All nominations due in Fire Marshal’s Office by 2/15/10.

Ambulance for EMS training was submitted for capital purchase.  Mr. Pagurek questioned the critiquing of instructors for EMT classes, especially the Senior Instructor. Mr. Gsell replied that sessions are critiqued by students about the class and instructors. Mr. Gsell stated he would review class reviews and critiques for EMT classes.




Mr. Dreby reported Public Safety Department’s budget was submitted in October.

A list of future projects is being put together.  Recently elected Freeholders will visit the facilities on 12/4/09.  The Kimball Report Sub-committee being worked on. Mr. Lowden requested a copy, Mr. Dreby will email.  Law enforcement having concerns about digital TV interference. The County is preparing to hire a consultant to evaluate the problem. It was brought out that moving radios to 500 – 700 MHZ could cost $40 million dollars.  The “Red Phone” (hot line) bill is about $200,000 per year. Upwards to $160,000 is for fire/ems. Discussion was held.


Mr. Pagurek reviewed digital paging and would like to review with Mr. Lowden.


County Computer System-FireHouse Software now has a user group. They held first meeting on 12/2/09.


Communications staff visited Gloucester County and looked at paramedic radios/communications.


No answer on New World/EMS Charts interface. Howard Black received quote on module needed, which will run about $18,000.00 for next release, plus 10%-20% maintenance fee.


In connection with the Gloucester trip, an overview of “FLEETEYES” was presented. This program will be used by medics in Burlington and Camden Counties and will provide AVL & GPS so that dispatchers will be able see what unit is nearest a call, can route them with directions and will integrate with CAD.  It can be accessed from any internet browser. Software is being supplied to Paramedic programs and be available to BLS in the future.


After 1/1/10. Senator Sweeny may introduce legislation concerning EMS communications.




Nothing to report.








Mr. Collins reviewed proposed draft of operating guidelines for fire police strike teams. Mr. Lowden added that they are being reviewed at the Coordinator level.





Mr. Lowden stated he needs an email or confirmation letter that representatives were re-elected to the position on the ESAB.


The meeting adjourned at 7:40 PM.


The next meeting of the Emergency Services Advisory Board will be Thursday, February 4, 2010, beginning at 7:00 PM in the Freeholder Board Room, 49 Rancocas Rd., and Mt. Holly.




Report on Fire Science Technology Degree Program

December 3, 2009


       At the August and October ESAB meetings, there were discussions about the Advisory Committee considering the need for an Emergency Medical Service Degree and what the program courses might be.  There was a suggestion that there be a specific representative from the EMS community on the Advisory Committee.  I am agreeable to the appointing someone although I haven’t done anything specific to solicit interested people.


       The Advisory Committee met November 17th.


       The MTCO series of National Fire Academy course has been phased out.  FSC 202, Strategy and Tactics, will now use the NFA Preparation for Initial Company Operations, Strategy and Tactics for Initial Company Operations (STICO), and Incident Command System I-200, as the curriculum. 


       Mr. Hempel and Mr. Gsell have discussed the EMS Program.  The FESHE Model curriculum is helpful. 


       We have an interest in provision for a Baccalaureate Program.  Dean Edwards reported that Rob Gangarz (our graduate who transferred to Eastern Kentucky) had visited her.  Eastern Kentucky is starting an on-line degree program.  Other programs were mentioned; Empire State College, NFA Degrees at a Distance.  Perhaps facilitated learning could be provided by BCC.  We will continue to monitor BS programs.


       Greg Collier of the Mount Laurel Fire Department contacted me about a GIS and the Fire Service course.  He is a part of the Northeast GIS Users Group.  He has been talking with Marc Zamkotowicz at the College about such a course.  If offered by the College, it could meet the elective requirement in our Degree Program.


       There have been a number of e-mails, phone calls, and meetings with students and prospective students relating to the program itself and transferring credit from other programs and institutions.             

C. Kenneth Anderson

Program Coordinator