Meeting Minutes


Meeting Date: November 13, 2003


ESAB members attending


Terry Gaekler, Thaddeus Lowden, Jim McKendrick, Dick Archer, Jonathan Lord, Cal Mattson


Other persons attending


            David Gsell, Joe Saiia, Ken Anderson




Ken Anderson, Fire Science Degree Program


-          Fire Science Advisory Committee met on September 30

-          Steve King rejoined the committee

-          Joe Reinhart brought on as a new member of the committee

-          Ken Anderson attended a career night at BCC Campus on October 23


Assistant Fire Marshal David Gsell, ESTC


-          Fall semester at the training center going well

-          FF 1 class began with 52 students, currently down to mid 40s

-          ESTC Graduation Ceremonies January 8, 2004 at VoTech

-          New building coming along well.  Project is on schedule for a mid February opening.

-          Furniture contract awarded for the new building

-          Will be rebidding fence project as initial bids received are too high

-          Met with Director Saiia and Nursing Coordinator at BCC to view human anatomy computer simulators, which will likely be used for training purposes at the new ESTC

-          EMS Program Coordinator position for ESTC still being processed.  Civil service states they never received package of information requesting title be created.  Hopes to have completed by end of December.

-          Job posting to go out to hire a Senior Fire Instructor to replace William Luckenbill, who transferred to the Burlington County OEM

-          ESTC will begin accepting Level 1 Fire Instructors to work on the staff.   This has not been the past practice, normally only hired Level 2 instructors.   Level 1 instructors will be evaluated for one year under a mentoring program and will always work together at ESTC during this time with a Level 2 fire instructor.


Joe Saiia, Public Safety Director


-          Comm System project is ongoing

-          Paging system is running well, most complaints and issues have been corrected.

-          14 of 17 tower sites completed.  No progress on the Warren Grove site.

-          Motorola’s interactive training software has been purchased to act as a Train-The-Trainer on using the portable and mobile radios.  This will be used to provide training for Fire, EMS and Police field personnel.

-          Comm Center (Central) has completed their transition upstairs and into the new radio room.   Center is fully up and operational at this time.

-          Fax Rip and Run of incidents to Fire and EMS stations is still not working properly and continues not to meet the expectations of the Comm Center Administration.   The vendor of this program has not been responsive to our needs.

-          Interference from NYC over F-2 and F-3 channels has been addressed.  PL switches were not activated on Jenkins headsets in the Comm Center.


Board of Visitors to the ESTC


-          No Report.  Chairperson not at  ESAB meeting


Old Business


-          None


New Business


-          Letter of resignation submitted to the ESAB by board member Bill Warren citing conflict of interest with his instructing with the Burlington County First Aid Academy.  Resignation accepted.

-          Chairperson Lowden asks EMS Board members to submit their selections for EMS Deputy Coordinators soon

-          Chairperson Lowden asks Director Saiia to provide the ESAB with a copy of the County Policy on leaving from/arriving late to work as a result of participation in volunteer Fire and EMS services within the county.  This is being done to  address a letter from the head of County Highway Department to his employees.


Motion to Adjourn



NEXT MEETING – JANUARY 15, 2004    7:30 PM            Freeholders Meeting Room



Minutes submitted by Michael Robertson                   11/20/04




Report on Fire Science Technology Degree Program

November 13, 2003


Fire Science Technology Advisory Committee


       The Committee met on September 30th.  Steve King had rejoined to Committee.  Joe Reinhardt has become a member of the Committee.


       Discussion continued on the initiative of establishing career certificate and academic certificate programs.  Certificates, and possible future degree programs, might concentrate on emergency management.


       We also discussed attracting more students into the program.  I am preparing a letter that will be sent to recent graduates of the Emergency Services Training Center.


Career Night


       I attended the career night at the Pemberton Campus on October23rd.  These events attract predominantly high school seniors.  Their interests are normally directed toward the more traditional academic degrees.



C. Kenneth Anderson

Program Coordinator