Meeting Minutes

September 8, 2005



The minutes of the Burlington County Emergency Services Advisory Board of

 September 8, 2005.


The meeting was called to order at 7:30 PM by Acting Chairperson Craig Augustoni.


Members present:          Richard Archer            Craig Augustoni                                                                          Terril Gakeler               Fran Pagurek

                                         Donald Horner             Scott Oatman

                                         Kenneth Anderson      Harold DeLaRoi


The minutes from the July 14,2005 meeting were approved on a motion by Mr. Gakeler, seconded by Mr. Archer




Fire Science: Attached


Training Center


Mr. Gsell stated the rough draft for the “Wall of Fame” at the ESTC. Each is almost complete and will be forwarded to the freeholders for review.  There was discussion on who would facilitate the selection for the wall, after some investigation there was never a motion made on the selection process.  A motion was made by Mr. Gakeler and 2nd by Mr. Archer to have the ESAB be the selection committee for the “Wall of Fame”.


Fire Fighter I classes and EMT classes are underway.  The rest of the fall semester will be kicking off soon. Mr Gsell is expecting an increase in student applications with the additional classes being offered.


A discussion was held referencing the previous minutes regarding the 60% passing on the  Fire Fighter I test results.  Mr. Gsell had previously stated that 60% pass on the second test.  After extensive research and review of past grades over the past five years shows that after the 3rd test there is a an average of a 96% pass rate.  Mr. Gsell also met with staff from BCIT who reviewed the test and scores.  These staff stated that the materials and scores looked good overall. Mr Gsell stated that a progress report will be sent to the Chiefs and students during the semester to give the students and Chiefs some insight on the students progress.




Mr. DeLaRoi reported that the Florence tower is completed.


The Sweetwater tower is still being worked on.


Police and Fire are all online and operating on the new system


FAA Tower in Warren Grove looks good with progress being made on this site.


Six Million dollars was appropriated for additional channels and upgrades on the new radio syatem.


Mr Pagurek discussed issues in the NW region.  The Chiefs from this zone met and discussed issues with Mr Saiia coming up with numerous ideas.  The start will be policing your own agencies and utilizing the channels for what they are met for ie: Operations and Command channels.  There additional discussion from Mr Gsell and Mr Oatman on this subject and the outcome was the same to start with the policing of our own agencies, and we will progress from there.


Mr Augostoni discussed the Communication Operators have the ability, and should start acting on switching people to open channels such as the command channels.


Mr Gakeler discussed researching the possibility of interfacing Nextel phones with the new system.  He understands there is a way to interface these two but did not have any solid information.  Mr DeLaRoi will relay this information to Mr Saiia to investigate any possibilities.




Mr Pagurek discussed that Virtua still has some vehicles without the new mobile radios.  Sr. Staff at Virtua is aware of this apparently there was some miscommunication on this topic amongst Virtua.


Mr Pagurek stated that on September 28, 2005 New World will be meeting with Mr Saiia and Fire/EMS managers reference a software package that can meet the needs for EMS and Fire filing of state reports. 


There was a brief discussion on the radio committee, and the procedure operating manual for the new system.





Mr. Pagurek stated that there is a county wide terrorism drill which will take place on September 25, 2005.  He would like to see support and participation from everyone for this event.


Mr Anderson clarified a recent article referencing the availability of AED’s to fire departments state wide somewhat like the TIC program they ran.  There is such a program which DFS has in place.  The application filing deadline is November 4, 2005.  Applications will be sent out to fire departments and fire districts statewide.   




Mr Augustoni brought mention of an article in one of the county papers degrading the emergency services in Burlington County stating that we would not be ready for a major catastrophe if it occurred.  Mr Augostoni felt that this may cause concern amongst our community.  There was some discussion on this topic. The answer to this is the county wide drill that was discussed by Mr Pagurek that is taking place on September 25, 2005 which will be one good public relation event and a way to prove to the community that Burlington County is prepared.


The next meeting of the ESAB will be Thursday, November 10, 2005, 7:30 PM in the Freeholder Board Room, 49 Rancocas Rd., Mt. Holly.


Seeing no further to come before the Board, the meeting adjourned at 8:50 PM.






Report on Fire Science Technology Degree Program

September 8, 2005



       Two certificate programs were approved by the Instructional Affairs Council of the College; (1) Fire Science and (2) Fire Investigation.  When the information was printed in the new BCC Catalog, the title “Fire Inspection” was used.  I suspect that what was approved—Fire Investigation—will be what will control, but I haven’t been able to get that confirmed yet.


       Once that is clear, I will start an awareness campaign in the fire service so firefighters will know these certificates are available; Emergency Services News, ESTC Catalog, announcements at firematic meetings, etc.


       There have been delays in getting Training Center grades entered into the College transcripts.  Unfortunately, the credits from the Fall 2004 term have just been entered into the BCC transcripts.  The Spring semester grades are about to be forwarded to the Registrar.  The roster of the EMT course has not yet been submitted by the ESTC because the results of the State test have not been received.


       Last evening Acting Governor Codey signed two bills into law, A-1479 and A-2998, at a meeting of the Southern Bergen County Fire Chiefs Association in Hasbrouck Heights.  A-1479  requires county colleges to award college credits to firefighters for certain courses completed in county fire academies. Any person who successfully completes a course at a county fire academy will receive county college credit for the course if (1) the county college determines after a review of the curriculum of the course that it is similar to the curriculum of a course offered in the college's fire science program and (2) upon completion of the course the person successfully completes an examination approved by the county college. The county college is required to waive any credit-by-exam fee the college may charge.


       Since the BCC courses are, in fact, Training Center courses, I don’t see any changes in our program or our relationship between the two educational facilities.


       A-1998 makes revisions and updates the blue light regulations.


       As needed, I meet with students or interested firefighters about the program.  The Advisory Committee is scheduled to meet in September.



C. Kenneth Anderson

Program Coordinator