Meeting Minutes


Meeting Date: August 6, 2009


Minutes of the regular meeting of the Burlington County Emergency Services Advisory Board, August 6, 2009.


The meeting was called to order at 8:00 P.M.


Members present: Richard Archer    Philip Drangula     Richard Dreby

                                John Augustino    Donald Horner       David Gsell

                                Craig Augustino   Fran Pagurek        Robert Rose

                                Lee Daneker        Augustus Mosca   Kenneth Anderson


Minutes from the June 4, 2009 meeting, having been previously distributed, were

Approved on a motion by Mr. Daneker, second by Mr. Archer.




Fire Science

Mr. Anderson read his written report (attached)

Mr. Pagurek started a discussion concerning an EMS degree program. Further discussion centered on EMS having a seat on the College’s Fire Science Advisory Board.


A discussion was held concerning the Fire Alarm course and the high drop out rate. Nothing conclusive but further investigation will be conducted.


Training Grounds

Mr. Gsell stated the 6/29 graduation went well and was well attended.

The Fall ’09 catalog is out and EMT and FF1 are filling fast.

Text book situation; switching from Delmar to Jones and Bartlett. Not sure when books will be available, but the student will be paying for the book. ($50)

Mr. Gsell outlined budget expenditures for the EMS program:


            One Senior Instructor to attend NFA

            One Senior attends FDIC

            One Senior Instructor attends EMS conference

            Equipment expenditures, over and above operating budget:

                        $9000 for EMS

                        $2500 for Fire

The new burn building is progressing nicely. Steel is up and floors and siding going on. Expect October of ’09 fro completion.

Mr. Archer raised the ambulance question for the EMS program. Mr. Gsell stated he and Director Dreby are in discussion and checking funding. He noted the County is in the process of reducing its’ fleet. This item may need to go through the County’s Vehicle Committee.




Mr. Dreby reported he is trying to obtain updates from FAA and contractors.

The new Mega Military Base and the County have reached agreement on communications. Wants to have a public signing at the appropriate time.

He feels communications with EMS will be improved.

The County will be accepting the Kimble report on 8/12. He is developing a presentation to the Freeholders.


Mr. Dreby advised that the new digital TV is causing interference, especially with police channels. The situation seems to be worsening and it is not an easy fix.

Eliminating the Red Phone system needs to be seriously discussed.

Mr. Dreby stated the 2010 9-1-1 money from the state is not forthcoming.

NARROW BANDING goes into effect 1/2013. This will affect our paging system as we know it. County will need narrow band paging, along with equipment and digital paging. Need to look at this quickly.


Mr. Pagurek highly recommended the County look into digital paging and he feels it is the way to go.












Mr. Drangula reminded the Board of an up coming trip the unions will be doing with the Philadelphia Phillies, sponsored by the Congressional Fire Services Institute.


Seeing no further to come before the ESAB, Mr. Archer motioned to adjourn, second by Mr. Daneker at 8:50 P.M.


The next meeting of the Emergency Services Advisory Board will be Thursday

October 2, beginning at 7:00 P.M.




Report on Fire Science Technology Degree Program

August 6, 2009


       The Advisory Committee for the Fire Science Technology program met on July 14th.


·           Report from ESAB – Mount Laurel-Evesham Traffic Signal Grant

·           Report from ESTC – Upgrades; rehab of grounds, burn building, flashover simulator, data line replacements

·           Changes in FSC 202, Tactics and Strategy. 

§  The three MCTO courses have been revised by the National Fire Academy

§  ESTC classes for this course will now be:


Preparation for Initial Company Operations, and

Strategy and Tactics for Initial Company Operations

·           Emergency Management program. 

§  State OEM will be reducing its training offerings soon

§  Emergency Management Institute has several on-line courses 

§  Could start as a certificate program

§  Some Fire Science graduates might be interested in an Emergency Management degree.

§  Steve King will be investigating further on the need and interest for a degree

·           Emergency Services Management

§  Many be a lead in to an EMS degree program

§  FESHE may have a management curriculum that can be adapted

§  Financial and Record Keeping could be a good topic

Gsell and Hemphill will investigate possibilities

·           The Reaccreditation for the College has been completed.  Waiting for the written report

·           General Education Course requirement has been revised

§  A standard has been adopted for all New Jersey County Colleges

§  Only one Social Science course now required

§  A Diversity course is now required

·           FSC 103, Fire Detection and Suppression, has a high drop-out rate

§  Assessment Test should be taken by all students

§  Maybe MTH 104 should be a prerequisite


            There have been a number of e-mails, phone calls, and meetings with students and prospective students relating to the program itself and transferring credit from other institutions.           

C. Kenneth Anderson

Program Coordinator