Meeting Minutes


Meeting Date: August 2, 2007



Minutes of the Burlington County Emergency Services Advisory Board of

August 2, 2007.


Chairperson Lowden called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM.


Members present:


Richard Archer      Donald Horner      Kenneth Anderson

John Augustino      Thaddeus Lowden    Harold DeLaRoi

Lee Daneker         John Taylor        David Gsell

Phil Drangula       Robert Rose        Joseph Saiia


Minutes of the June, 2007 were approved with the addition that the April minutes were approved.




Fire Science – Mr. Anderson gave a written and oral report. A brief discussion on the latest PHISHI conference was held. The Fire Science Advisory Committee will meet



Training Grounds – Mr. Gsell stated graduation went very well with good attendance.He reported Tony Calorel is back to work and doing well.  Fall registration is strong with Fire Fighter I being full. EMT has 30 registered so far. The FEMA “SAFER” grant applied for fell through but will file again.  EMS testing is being done locally. He has been working with vendors and architect for the new burn building/simulator. Foot print drawing looks good and is ready to go back to architect for drawings. Hopes to have bids out in the fall.  Mr. Gsell distributed a FIRE FIGHTER 1 Student Guide for review would like the ESAB to review and become familiar with it.  A Code of Conduct was added to it along with an N.J.S.A. 5:73-4.3, covering local training of fire fighters.  Mr. Lowden questioned if maintenance of existing buildings is still on track. Mr. Gsell stated he would like the simulator first, then upgrades. He added that $2.5 million budgeted for simulator and stand-alone flashover simulator. Current facilities will be updated and rehabbed, as well as hydrant upgrades with a computer system. The vehicle extrication area will also receive improvements.


Radio – 9-1-1 upgrades on going.  Mr. Saiia asked that reports be turned in if coverage issues are perceived.  A recent power failure caused a one-minute interruption. After testing, believes problem found and corrected.  He reminded everyone that the extended warranties on portables expire 12/31/07.  AVL workstation will be going on NW Zone for experimenting.  Reprogramming of subscriber units going well with 45% completed. Hopes to have completed in the fall.  Training on the new radio policy is going well. Mr. Saiia complemented Senior Instructors Pat Bigoss and Steve Taylor for a job well done.  FIRETRAX equipment at the ESTC. Training forth coming.  The Safety Center will be receiving a supplemental generator. This will put the Center in NFPA compliance.  They’ve had water problems in the basement of the Center. Work will start soon on remedies.


First Aid Council – The Council has formed a committee to explore shared services. EMS Charts has experienced some problems with info going to wrong agency. IT is on the problem.


Pictometry grant awarded for a winter fly-over. Mr. Lowden complimented S.I. Taylor and Operator Sean Desjardins on there training of Dist 22 personnel on new radio policy.


Status messaging was not brought forward by the Records Committee.


James Liberatore was appointed a County Fire Coordinator.

Mr. Anderson led a discussion on newsletter distribution: mail vs. email. FM Rose stated it email will be explored.

 The meeting adjourned at 7:50 P.M. on a motion by Mr. Archer, second by Mr. Horner.


The next meeting will be October 4, 2007 at 7:00 PM.





Report on Fire Science Technology Degree Program

August 2, 2007

       Work continues in preparation for BCC Re-accreditation by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools in 2009.  The Training Center staff has been very helpful in providing information.

       I attended the ninth Fire and Emergency Services Higher Education (FESHE) Conference at the National Fire Academy June 2nd to 4th.  Just this week I received CDs and DVDs with much of the conference information.


       As needed, I meet with students or interested firefighters about the program. 



C. Kenneth Anderson

Program Coordinator