Meeting Minutes


Meeting Date: July 13, 2006



The minutes of the Burlington County Emergency Services Advisory Board of July 13, 2006.


The meeting was called to order at 7:30 PM by Vice Chairperson Craig Augustoni.


Members present: Richard Archer            Fran Pagurek                         C. Kenneth Anderson

                            John Augustino             Scott Oatman                        Harold DeLaRoi

                            Craig Augustoni            John Taylor                           Robert Rose

                            J. Lee Daneker             Donald Horner                      Joseph Saiia


Minutes from the May meeting were approved on a motion by Mr. Archer, second by Mr. Augustino.




Fire Science – Mr. Anderson gave a verbal report. Highlights include an upcoming meeting of the Advisory Committee, Dr. Massina’s remarks at the recent ESTC graduation ceremony, and attendance at the recent FESHE conference. A written report is attached.


He further advised that the Burlington County 200 Club will be sponsoring a 9-1-1 anniversary event.


Fire Training Center – Mr. Gsell reported graduation on June 29 was very well attended. He further stated the FFI class had a 93% pass rate for the final exam. He noted 19 of 22 EMT students passed their final.


The fall catalog is out and in the stations. He also noted that The Center will now be doing the billing for classes through BCIT.


He proudly announced that the Board of Chosen Freeholders has agreed to finance a propane burn building. Architects are being reviewed at this time. Mr. DeLaRoi stated this is the next step.


Mr. Gsell reported that the statue for the front of the ESTC was reviewed in actual size in clay. A mold will be going soon to the factory, with delivery in September.


He further noted that Virtua Hospital in Mt. Holly has donated a 9-1-1 Art Exhibit to the ESTC.


Radio – Mr. Saiia reported that the template had been reviewed and that zones have been combined, mainly in the south end of the County. Four zones have been combined into a South Zone.


The Sweetwater tower is under 30 day review by Pinelands Commission.


Frequency expansion is moving forward with a new frequency being operational in September.


Mr. Saiia spoke concerning radio equipment in vehicles. He stated the radio equipment is property of Burlington County and can not be sold with the vehicle. He also noted that where radios are removed from vehicles, they are sometimes being stored. He stated that radios must be turned back to the County if they are not slated for re-install. As templates are being revised, an audit of equipment will take place.


A new “Rapid Deployment Vehicle” has been delivered and that some radio and computer equipment has been installed. More equipment will be installed as needed.


The EOC at the Public Safety Center is operational. 


A fire department reported inadequate power with the portables. Mr. Saiia reported the situation was investigated and nothing was found wrong. He feels the coverage area may be the problem.


The County is in the process of developing specifications for new 9-1-1 equipment.


He noted that cell phones may have GPS installed in them. However, cheaper phones and services may not or have limited 9-1-1 capability. Calls may not go to a PSAP.


The new CAD computers have been delivered but not yet installed.


Text paging is still being looked at. This is two years in the future. A discussion ensued as to volume of phones. Mr. Saiia stated the user can purchase an amplifier with them.


Mr. Archer asked if power checks on the equipment can be performed during upgrading. Mr. Saiia stated it can.


When questioned by Mr. Pagurek, Mr. Saiia stated the emergency signal button will be deactivated on the mobiles.


Mr. Pagurek noted that the Committee on electronic records met in June with Mr. Saiia and the County IT Department. Progress.









Mr. Daneker noted that Chairperson Lowden had meeting conflicts with his Fire Department but states it is temporary.


The Lifetime Achievement Award was discussed and criteria reviewed. Nominees were as follows:


            EMS – Patrick Ferrelli, Richard Archer, Charles Kritz, Donald Horner, William Taylor,    and Edward Hazynski.


            Fire Chiefs – The Fire Chiefs do have names to nominate but they were not forwarded to the Board. The Board voted to approve whom ever the Chiefs nominate.


            Fire Fighters – Even Kline, Ernest Greenwald, Charles Kniss, W. Rolland Connelly, Jr.


            Fire Marshals – Even Kline, Ernest Greenwald, Thomas LaRosa.


            Fire Police – No nominations.


The Board approved all names for further consideration. (Note: Archer and Horner abstained when their names were voted on.) The Board will meet in special session in August to choose the final awardees.


Seeing no further business before the Board, the meeting was adjourned at 8:30 P.M.

The next regular meeting of the ESAB will be Thursday, September 7, 2006, beginning at 7:30 P.M. in the Freeholder Board Room. (Note: The meeting is moved up one week due to convention.)