The minutes of the Burlington Emergency Services Advisory Board of July 10, 2003.


Vice Chairperson Craig Augustoni called the meeting to order at 7:45 PM at the Burlington County Public Safety Building. The meeting was a little late starting to give members a chance to arrive that forgot the meeting was in the new center.


Members present:            Craig Augustoni         William Warren          Joseph Saiia

                                        Terril Gakeler            Michael Robertson    Mark Robertson

                                        Richard Archer          Calvin Mattson           


                                    It was noted that several members were on vacation and Mr. Lord 

                                    had a meeting conflict.


A motion was made by Mr. Warren, second by Mr. Archer, approved the minutes from the May 8, 20303 meeting.





Fire Science – Mr. Anderson was away and no report was made.


Training Center – Mr. Gsell was not able to make the meeting and Mr. (Mark) Robertson



                             Mr. Robertson reported 1650 students in 60 classes graduated from the

                             Winter/Spring Semester at the training Academy.


                            The I-200 classes are continuing well and will continue. There was a

                train the trainer class presented on July 9, 2003 for the I-300 class.

                This course also went very well.


                            There has been a position created for an EMS Trainer.


                            Visitor Board – Mr. Augustoni had a brief discussion on the Visitors

    Board; what it was and how it was progressing. There were no details at

    this time. A full report should be made at the September meeting.


                            The EMS community is still interviewing for the position of EMS




 Radio – Director Saiia gave an update on the progress with the new radio system.


             Fire Service: 254 radios installed, 399 mobiles are out with 624 portables.

             EMS Service: 80 radios installed, 120 mobiles are out with 207 portables.


The towers are still moving forward. Burlington City is complete. Permits are being obtained for Florence and that tower should be up in 60 to 90 days. Browns Mills is moving forward. However there are still problems with Sweetwater and Warren Grove sites. Some progress is being made on these sites.


             A radio “train-the-trainer” program should start in August.


Simulcasting is in testing now. There is problem with power at the Bordentown site. As soon as this can be corrected, simulcast testing should be complete.


Alerting on incident grounds is going to be a software and firmware upgrade. They are trying to get county personnel to make this change.


The move of personnel at Central Communications has been delayed. There are problems with the support area HVAC unit. When this is corrected, personnel will begin to move.


There will be changes in the siren alerting system. The system in use now in Burlington County will no longer be able to be supported. The system is too old and costly. There will be an upgrade for stations that wish to continue with siren alerts. This upgrade will cost about $500.00 to $2000.00 depending on the features wanted. The County will not be paying for this upgrade.


DSL lines will be able to be connected to the County computer for station computer links. There will be more to follow on this. This may provide a low cost option to give stations access to the fire records.





Mr. Gsell was requested to make reports on the progress and training of EMS personnel.


Mr. Mattson thanked all involved in getting the liability insurance for the Fire Police. This will give much needed relief to the Burlington County Fire Police Association.





A letter of concern was received from C. Kenneth Anderson. On a motion by Mr. (Mike) Robertson, second by Mr. Archer, the letter was tabled to the next meeting because of the number of members that were unable to be at this meeting and the input needed from those members.





The next meeting of the ESAB will be SEPTEMBER 4, 2003. The meeting is being moved forward do to the Firemen’s Convention in September.


Director Saiia invited all on a tour of the Public Safety Communications Center after the meeting.


With no further business, the meeting was adjourned on a motion by Mr. Mattson, second by Mr. Archer, at 8:45 PM.



Minutes prepared by Terril Gakeler