Meeting Minutes



Minutes of the Burlington County Emergency Services Advisory Board of June 7, 2007.


Chairperson Lowden called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM.


Members Attending:


  Richard Archer     John Augustino         Kenneth Anderson

  Lee Daneker        Phil Drangula          David Gsell

  Donald Horner      Thaddeus Lowden        Robert Rose

  Fran Pagurek       Joseph Saiia





Fire Science: Mr. Anderson report Robert Gangarts graduated in May and has transferred to Eastern Kentucky University.


Training: Mr. Gsell reported the winter /spring semester has finished. He reported on the illness of Senior Instructor Tony Caleral and that he is doing better. Remainder of the staff has picked up any work load.


The semester had 2200 enrollments in over 100 classes. Graduation will be June 28 at BCIT.


Meetings with the architect for the proposed additions and upgrades to the grounds and training buildings.


The ESTC applied for a $750,000 grant from FEMA. No official notification as to status as of this date.


Mr. Horner questioned the EMT test procedures. Classes are ending and students are missing test dates, forcing them to go to alternate sites.


The question of instructors being allowed to take courses free was answered by Mr. Gsell. The practice was stopped ten years ago, along with BCIT. Certain CEU classes are free and instructors preparing to teach a class (TTT) can attend at no charge. A discussion followed.


Radio: A second generator will use existing design and work will begin soon.


Reprogramming of radios is in process.


New 9-1-1 terminals being installed. Wiring and PBNX lines are in and cut over will be on or about June 20. 9-1- computer terminals will follow in 60 days.


Freeholders are looking at a building for OEM’s hazmat and other vehicles.


The Fire/EMS records committee has lost some momentum. New World System has provided an email rip/run testing.


EMS36 has AVL system. Mr. Saiia would like it in New World for evaluation.


Looking into status messaging. New World System has no interface. Will continue to explore.


The new policy manual is in final proof. Will be reviewing training for it.


Will be attempting to secure funds for security cameras at tower sites.


Will be evaluating a new paging system. Once everything is evaluated and costs nailed down, will propose to Freeholders. Mr. Pagurek commented positively on the new radio system during the recent forest fire.


Mr. Drangula asked about splitting the North West zone due to heavy use. Mr. Saiia did not think the problem was that critical. Mr. Pagurek mentioned newer technology could help in this situation.








Fire Coordinator Steve Scholey has resigned. Coordinator Lehmann recommended James Liberatore to replace him. Mr. Archer nominated, second by Mr. Pagurek and Mr. Liberatore will be presented to the Freeholder Board for appointment.





Mr. Pagurek presented an “After Action Report” from the EMS standpoint at the recent forest fire. He pointed out that the State’s Southern EMS Task Force has been short changed in recent years in terms of training, etc. He will be meeting with the Southern and Northern Task Forces to get the situation corrected.


Seeing no further business to come before the ESAB, Mr. Augustino motioned to adjourn, second by Mr. Pagurek. The meeting adjourned at 7:50 PM.


The next meeting of the Emergency Services Advisory Board will be Thursday, August 2, 2007, beginning at 7:00 PM.