Meeting Minutes


Meeting Date: June 4, 2009


Minutes of the regular meeting of the Burlington County Emergency Services Advisory Board, June 4, 2009.


The meeting was called to order at 7:00 P.M. by Chairperson Thaddeus Lowden.


Members present: Richard Archer    Philip Drangula       Richard Dreby

                                John Augustino    Donald Horner        David Gsell

                                Craig Augustoni  Thaddeus Lowden  Robert Rose

                                Lee Daneker        Fran Pagurek          C. Kenneth Anderson


Minutes from the April 2, 2009 meeting, having been previously distributed, were approved on a motion by Mr. Augustoni, second by Mr. Archer.




Fire Science

Mr. Anderson presented a report of the latest FESHE Conference, held at the National Fire Academy from May 30 – June 1, 2009. A written report is attached.


Training Center

Mr. Gsell reported the semester is finishing up with practical exercises going on.

Fall 2009 catalog is finalized and will be printed and distributed next week.

The text book situation with the Division of Fire Safety will not impact our

training. However, have not received word from the State as to Fire Fighter I text.

Progress on facility upgrades and additions.  Repair of buildings is progressing.

Propane props for new burn building approved. New projectors installed in classrooms. Since 2003, $100,000 has been spent for  EMS training equipment.  Issue of an ambulance for training was raised. Mr. Gsell stated it was included in the 5-year plan written in 2007 for 2009. Looking for possible grant. Mr.  Lowden wants it in the pipeline.  Mr. Gsell reminded everyone that graduation is June 29.


Public Safety

Director Dreby stated the FAA has been in contact concerning use of the Warren Grove tower. Re-programming on going.  Awaiting final document on the Kimball study. Seven new operators are in training (5 for previous opening due to retirements and 2 new positions.) Hopes to hire more in October.  New telephone system should be ready in the fall.  Mr. Dreby stated he presented Mutual Aid agreements for the Military Bases to the Freeholder Board. He’s hoping this will lead into communications with them over radio communication issues. He’s working with our operators as to procedures on our end.






Mr. Lowden briefed the Members on a “Vehicle Preemption Project” the County will be doing. It involves Church Street from Moorestown to Evesham. He further indicated Evesham approved of the project. The Members voiced their approval and support also.



Mr. Anderson announced the annual terrorism conference hosed by The Division of Fire Safety has been moved to June 12.


Mr. Anderson also noted the study by TriData for the National League of Cities claiming there is inadequate scientific research to determine a link between firefighting and cancer. There has been fear that towns would use that “conclusion” to repeal presumptive cancer ordinances or not adopt them in the first place. TriData mad a presentation at FESHE. The bottom line is that more data is required to establish or invalidate any link between cancer and firefighting.


Seeing no further business to come before the Board, Mr. Augustino motioned to adjourn, second by Mr. Daneker.


The next meeting of the Burlington County Emergency Services Advisory Board will be Thursday, August 6, 2009 beginning at 7:00 P.M. in the Freeholder Board Room, 49 Rancocas RD. Mt. Holly.




Report on Fire Science Technology Degree Program


            I attended the 11th annual Fire and Emergency Services Higher Education Conference at the National Fire Academy, Emmitsburg, MD, May 30th through June 1st.  


            The registration binder included a lot of information.  A CD will be prepared including all of the presentations, but it won’t be available for a while.  For your general information, some of the items covered were:


·      The District of Columbia Fire Department is the first metro fire department to adopt the FESHE model.  The Department was given a “Lasting Achievement Award” and Chief Dennis Rubin spoke about how FESHE is being implemented there.

·      Jim Broman was given one of the FESHE Emeritus Awards.  (Chief Broman was chair of the IAFC Professional Development Committee and Chief Lowden was a member when the Officer Development Handbook was prepared.)

·      FESHE 3.0 was unveiled.  The first years established a need for a uniform curriculum.  The later years developed the curriculum for both Associates and Bachelors degrees.  Now some decentralization will be incorporated.  It’s time for a cultural change to stress the need for higher education and professional development in the fire service.

·      As part of the implementation of this concept, I was selected as the representative in FEMA Region 2 for the Associates Degree.  Pat Bigoss, Program Coordinator at Camden County College, was selected by the International Association of FESHE for its Region 2 representative.

·      There was a presentation on Teaching to the NeXt Generation, the one beyond the X-Generation.

·      Two programs were geared to tools for on-line learning.


            A big benefit of the Conference is the ability to network with others.  One attendee from Massachusetts is interested in starting a fire safety camp for children.  I contacted Mike Robertson and he has already sent information about the Evesham program.


            I spoke with Larry Collins, Chair of the Fire & Safety Engineering Department at Eastern Kentucky University.  Our graduate, Rob Gancarz has received his bachelor’s degree and is working at a job in Antarctica.


            There have been a number of e-mails, phone calls, and meetings with students and prospective students relating to the program itself and transferring credit from other institutions.          

C. Kenneth Anderson

Program Coordinator