The minutes of the Burlington County Emergency Services Advisory Board meeting of May 8, 2003.


Vice Chairperson Craig Augustoni called the meeting to order at 7:30 PM.


Members present:  Craig Augustoni                    William Warren                        Joseph Saiia

                             Terril Gakeler                        Kenneth Anderson                  David Gsell

                             Jonathan Lord                       James McKendrick                 Robert Rose

                             Calvin Mattson                      Michael Robertson


It was noted that Mr. Lowden was away and Mr. Archer was working.


Mr. Augustoni requested a moment of silence for Mr. Woodrow Pinkereton of Sta 251, who recently passed away in the line of duty.


A motion by Mr. Gakeler, second by Mr. McKendrick, approved the minutes from the March 13, 2003 meeting.


Mr. Augustoni welcomed Mr. Michael Robertson to the ESAB, representing the career services of Burlington County.





Fire Science – Mr. Anderson delivered a report, noting several issues. A copy of the report is attached.


Training Center – Mr. Gsell reported 1300 students in 60 courses for the 2003, Winter/Spring Semester.


ICS 200 has been delivered in an accelerated schedule format.  The current course is an even mix of Fire/EMS/Police. The 2003, Fall Semester will have offered more I200 on nights and weekends.       


The ESTC is developing the training program for the new radio system, due to come on line later this year. This is in cooperation with Jeffery Matheson of the Department of Public Safety Services.


The new Administration building is progressing very well, now that the weather has improved. The floor is scheduled to be poured the week of May 12 and the contractor  anticipates finishing December 2003.


The vacant Senior Instructor position has been posted by State Department of Personnel.  Closing date is May 13.


Mr. Gsell has submitted to the County’s Personal Office, the qualifications for the EMS instructor position.


Mr. Warren questioned when training for the new radio system will begin. Mr. Gsell believes late summer, early fall. Mr. McKendrick questioned if aSOG will be published. Mr. Gsell stated it would be part of a “Train-the-Trainer” type program offered in July. Mr. Saiia added that the SOG is being developed by the Radio Liaison Committee and is being based on Bucks County, Pa.’s procedures.


Mr. Robertson questioned Mr. Gsell as to the need of Instructor Certification for the new EMS. Mr. Gsell stated it will be a requirement and that the State DOP’s title will be “Program Coordinator”.


Radio – Mr. Saiia reported significant progress. Eleven tower sites are complete with fixed equipment installed. The microwave system is installed but not operational yet. The Tabernacle tower will have microwave turned on in about 30-40 days.


  • Florence – No construction started.
  • North Hanover – Tower and equipment should be up in 60 days.
  • Burlington City – Construction is on-going.
  • Sweetwater and Warren Grove – No progress, County has asked  Sweetwater, Warren Grove and FAA for a temporary site.  County has met with Pinelands Commission concerning a Warren Grove tower. Although no straight answer was given, they did get permission for a staff member to walk the site. Mr. DeLaRoi is completing an application for Pinelands review. 


Network installation is moving along, as well as Fire and EMS equipment.


County is in dialog with MICU for radios.


Johnson Electronics has produced a portable that they claim will operate

on our new system. They do not have a submersible yet, however. It is marketed for $600 less then Motorola. Mr. Saiia is trying to conduct an evaluation to determine if it is compatible with our system.


The training program for the new system is being put together. Mr. Saiia feels the course being put together by the ESTC and his people will be very effective.


The interior construction at the Safety Center is complete, with all workstations installed.  Equipment is being installed now. Believes call takers can begin using the new area in July, with Fire and EMS moving up in August.



The new generator was put in operation on May 8 under a full load. No problems were encountered.


The “Logging Recorder” is presenting a problem, which could delay moving into the communications center. There is nothing on the market that is compatible to our system. Bids for a recorder were received, spread over a wide range. Bids were also over budget. County is evaluating the situation and Mr. Saiia is not optimistic as to awarding.


The HVAC system in the Public Safety Center is divided into two areas, with the Administrative area retaining an 8 year old, rebuilt un it. The Communications portion has received a new unit, however.


The existing Amphitheater was not budgeted for nor was it part of the remodel contract. There is no funds for new carpet, however, it will be cleaned and painted in the near future.





Mr. Lord briefed the ESAB as to the status of the EMS Coordinator system. A committee was formed and work has progressed on development of criteria for Coordinators. The Division of Fire Investigations and Inspections mailed announcements advertising for Coordinators.


            There was no report as to Fire Police liability insurance.




The ESAB received a letter from the Burlington County Radio Liaison Committee concerning problems with hospital emergency rooms. In particular, Ers being put on by-pass. Mr. Augustoni appointed Mr. Lord, Mr. Warren, and Mr. Archer to pursue the matter and report back at the July meeting.


Mr. Saiia added that the Communications Division is dealing with the hospitals about the situation. He is not sure what the ESAB can do but will provide data about number and duration of diverts to the committee.


Mr. Warren briefed the ESAB as to the problem, adding it is an administrative problem with the hospitals.




Mr. Gsell stated the furniture bid for the new Training Center would be going to bid shortly, with bids due back in July.


He added that he was to produce a report as to EMS training status, but couldn’t get statistics due to short notice. He is working with Kathy Riker on this matter.


Mr. Anderson reminded the ESAB of the up coming Memorial Service for fallen Fire and EMS personnel.


Mr. Lord stated the Freeholders would be issuing a Proclamation on May 14 honoring EMS WEEK.



Seeing no further business to come before the ESAB, Mr. Augustoni adjourned the meeting at 8:30 PM.