Meeting Minutes


Meeting Date: April 2, 2009



Minutes of the regular meeting of the Burlington County Emergency Services Advisory Board, April 2, 2009.


The meeting was called to order at 7:00 P.M. by Vice-Chairperson Craig Augustoni. Members present:


Richard Archer                                           Phil Drangula            Richard Dreby

Craig Augustoni                                         Fran Pagurek            David Gsell

John Augustino                                           Augustus Mosca

J. Lee Daneker                                           Robert Rose


On a motioned by Mr. Augustino, second by Mr. Daneker,

the minutes from the February 5, 2009 meeting were approved as distributed prior to the meeting.




Fire Science – Mr. Anderson was not in attendance. Mr. Rose distributed his written report.


Fire Training Grounds – Mr. Gsell reported the fall schedule is being developed.

The computer system is being updated to better facilitate scheduling, student records, and staffing issues. Hopes to have it complete by July.


The Division of Fire Safety is no longer printing books for National Fire Academy course. His staff is tracking the impact of this matter.


The text for the Division’s Fire Fighter I program has not been named. Still awaiting this situation.


Holding by-weekly project meetings for the new burn facility. There were some permit issues with the township concerning site work. The pre-engineered building is due to arrive end of May.


Masonry work on the tower and class “A” building is almost complete.


He is looking at propane props and has questions concerning them.


A purchase order has been issued to replace projectors in the classrooms.


Mr. Archer questioned an EMS training budget. Only sees fire training. Mr. Gsell stated $10, 000 in new equipment has been purchased and funds for new equipment is budgeted. Mr. Archer countered with the 5-year plan, in which an ambulance was to be purchased. He also would like to see a separate EMS operating budget for the Center.


Mr. Archer would like to have an EMS training report at the ESAB meeting.


Mr. Pagurek stated he recently attended an EMS conference and became aware of a training facility that purchased an ambulance with generic capabilities.


Mr. Gsell stated he will work on all these matters.


Mr. Drangula questioned if FIRE TRACS would be in the new computer project reported by Mr. Gsell.


Mr. Pagurek “InfoTrac”, a statewide accountability system is being developed with stimulus money.


Radio – Mr. Dreby reports the new phone system cut over is postponed until the fall.


Have not heard from FAA as to use of Warren Grove tower.


All medic units have been re-programmed.


Hospital tracking – training completed but not up and running.


The EMS coordinator will get a mobile installed in his vehicle.


The question of Medic units not having Ft Dix frequencies was raised. Mr. Dreby believes they do now that re-programming is completed. EMS at both military bases do not have radio capability with the County. Mr. Dreby will investigate.





Life Time Achievement Awardees were named: Chief (Ret.) Edward Kensler and the late William C. Woolston for EMS. Awards will be presented on June 30.


Mr. Daneker reported progress with the radio committee.


Mr. Dreby updated the ESAB on the Kimball Report (manpower). Preliminary report was out and the full report still being reviewed. Four vacncies at Central have been filled and three new positions, as recommended by Kimball, have been hired and are in training.








Mr. Pagurek reported that Virtua-Mt Holly entered a Paramedic team at a recent nationwide competition and they placed third. This was the first time this a team from Burlington County entered. He recommended the Freeholder Board recognize this achievement. Mr. Mosca and Mr. Augustoni will pursue.


Mr. Gsell reminded the members that the next ESTC graduation will be Monday, June 30, 2009 at 7:00 P.M. Ceremonies will be at BCIT-Westampton.


Seeing no further business to come before the ESAB, Mr. Archer motioned to adjourn, second by Mr. Augustino.


The next meeting of the Emergency Services Advisory Board will take place June 4, 2009.