Meeting Minutes


Meeting Date: March 16, 2006



The minutes of the Burlington County Emergency Services Advisory Board of March 16, 2006. (Note: Meeting moved back one week due to member conflicts.)


The meeting was called to order at 7:30 PM by Vice Chairperson Craig Augustoni.


Members present:   Richard Archer          Fran Pagurek                        C. Kenneth Anderson     

                              John Augustino           Scott Oatman                        Harold DeLaRoi

                              Craig Augustoni          John Taylor                           Robert Rose

                              J. Lee Daneker                                                        Joseph Saiia




Fire Science – Mr. Anderson presented a written report. (Attached)


Training Center – All classes in session and going very well. Enrollment up.


Radio – Mr. Saiia reports the Pemberton back up site is almost complete. The  

             Westampton back up is in place but programming links still needed.


Frequency expansion for NW Zone is being studied. This will allow better flexibility. He further stated there were no significant congestion problems with the NW Zone and has informed the zone fire chiefs of this. He will continue to monitor the situation.


A five-year for Communications includes up dating the paging system to possibly digital. Mr. Oatman questioned if this feature could alert the public to emergencies. Mr. Saiia replied it would be very limited. He further stated it would apply mainly to special teams, such as HazMat.


Mr. Saiia hopes to have a backup generator in the 2006 capital budget.


Mr. DeLaRoi discussed a memo from the County’s IT Manager concerning a project of the Mount Laurel Emergency Medical Services Department. A copy of the memo was previously distributed to the ESAB members.


Mr. Pagurek then brought the members up to date concerning the grant. The federal grant was an Aid to Fire Fighting Grant, funded by the federal Department of Homeland Security. It is to fund an electronic field reporting system for emergency services. It will include mobile data terminals and AVL/GPS in emergency vehicles. The County will pilot with two townships initially. It was recommended that Mount Laurel EMS and Evesham Fire/Rescue to be the first on line with the system. These departments were chosen for size, IT support already in place, and the fact that MLEMS is the grant recipient. Once these departments are on line and everything is functioning, it was recommended the Burlington Township Fire Department and Mansfield Township Ambulance Corp be brought into the pilot, thus assuring different size and types of departments.


After a short discussion, Vice Chairperson Augustoni called for a vote supporting the project and recommending the organizations for participation. Mr. Pagurek then motioned, seconded by Mr. Oatman, that the Emergency Services Advisory Board support the project, recommending the Mount Laurel Emergency Medical Services and Evesham Fire/Rescue as the initial pilot agencies, followed by the  Burlington Township Fire Department and the Mansfield Township Ambulance Corp.




The proposed “Lifetime Achievement Award’, was discussed. A written proposal was presented and reviewed. (Copy Attached) Basically, two awards will be granted every year. However, the ESAB may grant up to six awards the first year. Nominations from each major county-wide organization will be solicited.

Criteria for the award has been set down.


On a motion by Mr. Daneker, second by Mr. Augustino, the program was accepted as written.


Mr. Pagurek suggested one nomination per year from each organization. After a short discussion, it was recognized that the program will be reviewed and after the first year and each year thereafter.



Vice Chair Person Augustoni opened the floor for discussion on the updated Five Year Plan. A short discussion followed. Mr. Daneker recommended that a Basic Life Support Ambulance scheduled for 2009 be moved up to an earlier date. Mr. Pagurek agreed but conceded to Mr. Gsell as manager of the training facility to adjust a needed. He then questioned Mr. DeLaRoi as to purchasing a unit with operating or capital funds. Mr. DeLaRoi replied it will need to be a capital purchase.


A motion by Mr. Oatman, second by Mr. Daneker, the Five Year Plan was accepted. Chairperson Lowden will deliver the document to the Freeholders.



Mr. DeLaRoi updated the ESAB on the monument for the Training Center’s entrance. He stated a contract has been awarded to have a statute constructed.


Seeing no other business to come before the ESAB, Mr. Augustoni announced the next meeting will be May 11, 2006. The meeting adjourned at 8:30 PM.





Burlington County Emergency Services


Life time Achievement Award




The Fire and EMS associations of Burlington County wish to establish a recognition program that will recognize members of the emergency services that have demonstrated and exhibited a true commitment to the advancement and leadership of emergency services of Burlington County.


Review Committee

The Burlington County Emergency Services Advisory Board (ESAB) will serve as the review committee for all nominations of the Life Time Achievement Award. Nominations will be accepted at any time to be considered for recognition. The ESAB members will review nominations and either approve or disapprove requests.


Presentation of Award*

The Life Time Achievement Award will be awarded during the Emergency Services Training Center’s Spring Graduation ceremonies.


            * No more than two awards per year will be            approved. Recognizing this will be the first time for this award, the committee may award up to six awards the first year. The committee may elect not to select a recipient in a given year. 


Criteria for Award


The Life Time Achievement Award recognizes individuals for extraordinary accomplishments in Emergency Services in Burlington County.


The recipient of the Life Time Achievement Award

  • Will have displayed a deep commitment to furthering the cause of emergency services through leadership;
  • Will have advanced the cause of responder operational effectiveness and safety;
  • Will have gone above and beyond the call of duty in the advancement of public safety;
  • Will have brought creativity and innovation to the emergency services, or will have shown great persistence in pursuing innovation for the betterment of their profession; and
  • Will have served as a positive model for other emergency services and public safety servants throughout the county.




Nomination Information




Nominated by




Nominee’s Mailing Address


Nominee’s Phone/fax/email



Supply Nominee’s Resume if available



Describe the Life Time Achievements of the individual