The minutes of the Burlington County Emergency Services Advisory Board meeting of March 13, 2003.

Chairperson Thaddeus Lowden called the meeting to order at 7:30 PM.


Members present:        Craig Augustoni            Thaddeus Lowden        Robert Rose

                                    Terril Gakeler              William Warren             Joseph Saiia

                                    Jonathan Lord              Richard Archer             David Gsell

                                    Harold DeLaRoi          Kenneth Anderson

                                    Calvin Mattson (excused)

Mr. Archer, second by Mr. Augustoni, approved the minutes from the January 2003 meeting on a motion.

Mr. Lowden announced that the Freeholder Board had approved and appointed the new EMERGENCY SERVICES ADVISORY BOARD, effective this meeting.


Fire Science: Mr. Anderson updated everyone on the new Fire Inspector course issued by the Division of Fire Safety. He further stated the new course will be increased to 6 credits and the electives reduced to 3 credits.

Mr. Anderson was invited to brief the new Board members as to the Fire Science program and his function and role in it.

Training Center: Mr. Gsell reported 1200 students for the winter/spring semester with some course still accepting registrations. He stated the weekday I200 classes are doing well and will be expanding in the fall with more weekend and night classes.

The building project is moving along, weather permitting. Contractor is behind schedule, with anticipation of late January, early February 2004 for occupying.

He noted block work has begun and the geothermal test well has been drilled. Geothermal drilling will start next week.

The new American LaFrance pumper arrived middle of February.

He has requested a hiring list for the vacant Division 3 Senior Instructor position but it has not been posted. The EMT Instructor position description was forwarded to all members.

Mr. Augustoni inquired if EMT training has been integrated into the Division. Mr. Gsell stated it had not been complete but hoped to have it done before next semester. Mr. Augustoni further requested status reports concerning EMS training be added to his report. Mr. Gsell stated that by May’s meeting, reports could be filed.

Mr. Warren stated that the current First Aid Academy receives no County funding, only space, and feels a monthly report would not be difficult.

He questioned Delran’s EMT program. Mt. Lowden returned by saying their program was considered a program by a private organization. The goal of the Freeholders was to bring the Burlington County First Aid Academy under County management. Mr. Gsell echoed this statement and outlined the benefits of moving Fire and EMS training under one roof.

Mr. Archer gave a brief history of the old 5/8-point training system and current EMT program. Mr. Lord added that Delran started their program because the County Academy was not meeting their needs.

Radio: Mr. Saiia reported 10 towers are complete. The following towers are in various stages of completion:

·        Bordentown – Complete except for power easement

·        Florence – moving forward

·        Burlington City – Applying for permit

·        Tabernacle – Permits issued. Footings being installed. Shelter due next week (3/17/03). Should be ready in 60 days. Simulcasting capabilities can go forward once completed.

·        Browns Mills – Progress is real good

·        North Hanover – Final agreement completed

·        Sweetwater – Pinelands has approved, still need local approval

·        Warren Grove – No movement

Mr. Saiia further stated he is trying to get as many sites in operation as he can by April first. The first simulcast system should be operating in the Palmyra area by 4/1/03 on UHF.  The fleet mapping with fire/ems is close to a working system.

Mr. Saiia has begun to address training on the system. Hopes to have something over the summer, in conjunction with the Training Division.

Communications Center – Work stations being installed. Mr. Saiia hopes to occupy by end of June. Old radio frequencies will be used in the new consoles until Trunking system is brought on line. The Old Logging Recorder will stay for the time being as the bid on the new equipment will not be awarded until May 14, 2003. Specifications for the new logging recorder took longer than expected because there was nothing compatible with our system. CAD working ok. Mr., Saiia stated rip-and-run has been successfully tested and has been consistent. ITG wants to pilot the system with a fire station and wants to expand use if it works out. A wireless rip-and-run system will be looked into for future fire service use.

Mr. Lowden asked about terms being used recently. FLASH UPGRADE-modifying of firmware in a portable; IR-intelligent repeater. He further asked about the Warren Grove tower being a key element. Mr. Saiia responded that it is needed for portable coverage and that mobiles will be ok. Mr. Saiia stressed that the situation is not acceptable to the County.

Mr. DeLaRoi added that with everything falling in place as to tower sites, the will be tackling Warren Grove head on. Mr. Lowden again questioned the coverage without it, followed by Mr. Saiia’s statement that portable coverage will be affected, but mobiles will be ok.

Mr. Lord requested a time line for mobile installation from Mr. Saiia. Mr. Saiia further stated that to date, 66 mobiles have been installed in fire vehicles and 107 portables issued to them. Some EMS has been installed but no figures. There is no specific order for installation. Mr. Lord asked if CAD in the stations required a dedicated line and will it allow access to Central’s CAD. Mr. Saiia stated yes, and is looking into a wireless system for cost purposes. He advised that rip-and-run has been successfully tested. If it works out any agency who can afford it can put it on line. Various plants are being considered to minimize costs and develop funding sources. Mr. Lord further questioned why ALS units were not provided with new radios. Mr. Archer further stated that he felt it unfair, as some BLS organizations are fee supported with no ties to a municipality and they are receiving radios. Mr. Lord repeated he is concerned about not communicating with ALS units.


The liability insurance for County Fire Police Officers was raised, with Mr. DeLaRoi stating nothing from the Solicitor. He will look into this. 


Mr. Augustoni discussed a recent problem where an EMS Coordinator could not be secured for a fire call requiring evacuation of a nursing facility.  A discussion followed on the Fire Coordinator system and a need to revamp the EMS coordinator system. Mr. Lowden suggested that Mr. Lord contact Fire Coordinator Joe Lehmann.

Resumes for the newly created seat for emergency services career personnel were distributed. Mr. Lowden requested all members to review and contact him as to their opinions and contact him by the end of the week. Mr. Lowden will inform the applicant as to the appointment.

The new By-Laws were distributed.


Seeing no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 9:20 PM.

The next meeting of the Burlington County Emergency Services Advisory Board will be held on Thursday, May 8, 7:30 PM.




Report on Fire Science Technology Degree Program


March 13, 2003



FSC 203, Fire Inspector Certification


            The new 90-hour course for certification as a Fire Inspector is being developed at the Training Center.  A course curriculum has been released by the Division of Fire Safety.  The Division held three sessions to familiarize instructors with the content of the course and the testing requirements


            The process has started so the credits for FSC 203 will be increased to 6 credits and the Electives reduced to 3 credits in the graduation requirements. 


Advisory Committee


            The Advisory Committee will meet on March 25th.




C. Kenneth Anderson

Program Coordinator