Meeting Minutes


Meeting Date: February 5, 2009



Minutes of the regular meeting of the Burlington County Emergency Services Advisory Board, February 5, 2009.


The meeting was called to order at 7:00 P.M. by Thaddeus Lowden. Members present:


            Thaddeus Lowden            John Augustino            Augustus Mosca                  

            Craig Augustoni                Richard Archer             Richard Dreby

            J. Lee Daneker                 Donald Horner              David Gsell

            John Collins                       Fran Pagurek                Robert Rose

            Philip Drangula                                                         C. Kenneth Anderson


The minutes from December 4, 2008 were approved as distributed prior to the meeting. Motion by Mr. Augustoni, second by Mr. Archer.


Nomination for the career member of the ESAB: Mr. Augustoni nominated Philip Drangula, second by Mr. Archer. Motion approved and Mr. Drangula was seated.


Mr. Lowden called for the election of Chairperson for 2009. Mr. Augustoni nominated Thaddeus Lowden, second by Mr. Daneker. Motion approved and Mr. Lowden was elected Chairperson for 2009.


Mr. Lowden then called for the election of Vice Chairperson.  Mr. Augustino nominated Craig Augustoni, second by Mr. Daneker. Motion approved and Mr. Augustoni was elected Vice-Chairperson for 2009.





Fire Science Mr. Anderson presented a written (attached) and oral report.


Training Grounds Mr. Gsell reported Fire Fighter I classes starting on 2/1/09 and 2/5/09, with EMT starting 2/9/09.


Division of Fire Safety evaluating Fire Fighter I text vendors. Current supply of materials should be ok for this semester.


Job meetings for new burn building have been held and permitting process begun. Waiting for weather to break to start.


Bids for flashover simulator and cascade system had to be separated. May be mid-October before completion.


Mr. Augustoni noted that he had a problem with a recruit and training and that Mr. Gsell handled the situation very professionally.


Radio - Mr. Dreby reports the new phone system is being installed with training being scheduled for the week of February 9.


Pictometry is being used more by the operators.


The Warren Grove tower is making progress. Hopes to have completion by years end.


The oaths for all coordinators have been distributed.


Vehicle storage building is in design.


The 2009, 9-1-1 funds are being held back by the Governor.


Public Safety had budget hearing today.


OLD BUSINESS Chief Kensler is overhauling the awards program. The Fire Chiefs Association agreed to include EMS.


NEW BUSINESS Mr. Lowden led a discussion of radio procedure and enforcement thereof. He recommended that each service, Fire and EMS, have Radio Committees to handle minor and everyday complaints and problems. If resolution can not be made, then a COUNTY-WIDE Radio Committee composed of Fire and EMS representatives would hear the case and forward a recommendation to Mr. Dreby for action. He would become the communications enforcer.


Mr. Archer pointed out that there are many procedures in the field and that consensus may be hard to achieve. The role of the current County Radio Liaison Committee was questioned as to the proposed procedure. Mr. Archer noted that Central Communications operators need to adhere to proper radio procedures also.


Mr. Augustoni stated that the two radio committees need to define policy, distribute to Coordinators for review, and then forward to Mr. Dreby. He further noted that there is a lack of discipline in radio procedure and those abuses and abusers need to be corrected now.


Mr. Lowden stated he would draft a proposal and get it to the services.


Mr. Augustoni was named Chair of the Life Time Achievement Award Selection Group. Mr. Daneker and Mr. Archer will assist.


Mr. Anderson stated that the Fire Science program was reviewed by the Veterans Administration so that veterans can be serviced. He further stated that college employees do not get free tuition.


Mr. Johnson, representing Lourdes Medical Center, briefed the ESAB as to a new emergency room service being implemented through Deborah Heart and Lung Center in Browns Mills. Scheduled to become operational 1/1/10.




Seeing no further business to come before the ESAB, Mr. Augustoni motioned, second by Mr. Collins, to adjourn the meeting.







Report on Fire Science Technology Degree Program

February 5, 2009



            I attended the Emergency Services Training Center graduation on January 7th and offered congratulations from the College and reminded the graduates of the degree program.


            The 11th annual Fire and Emergency Services Higher Education Conference will be held at the National Fire Academy May 30th through June 1st.  I have submitted my application to attend.


            The Academic Awards ceremony at BCC will be on March 21st at the Enterprise Center.  I have nominated a student who meets the award standards for that recognition.


            The Division of Fire Safety reports that the training program for the newly adopted International Fire Code will be finished soon following the critique of the pilot presentation with Division of Fire Safety staff.  The curriculum, with Train-the-Trainer sessions, will be scheduled soon.  This will be the curriculum for FSC 204 and should be in place for the fall semester. 


            Pat Bigoss, the Program Coordinator of the Camden County College Fire Science Technology program, and I have conferred several times about how our respective programs are organized.


            There have been a number of e-mails, phone calls, and meetings with students and prospective students relating to the program itself and transferring credit from other institutions.       



C. Kenneth Anderson

Program Coordinator