Meeting Minutes


Meeting Date: February 4, 2010


The February 2, 2010 meeting of the Burlington County Emergency Services Advisory Board was held in the Freeholders Board room and called to order by Chairman Lowden at 1900 hours.


The following Board members were present, Chairperson Ted Lowden, Vice-Chairperson Craig Augustoni, John Augustino, George Jackson, Lee Ann Perry, Phil Drangula, John Collins, Don Horner. From the Department of Public Safety Services were Director Rick Dreby, Fire Marshal Mike Reed, and Assistant Fire Marshal Dave Gsell. Also in attendance was C. Kenneth Anderson (BCC Fire Science program) and Chief Tony Green from Moorestown Fire Department.


Chairman Lowden welcomed all in attendance and introduced George Jackson and Lee Ann Perry as the new EMS representatives. He asked that they both forward their resumes as part of the approval process so that the Board of Freeholders could make the appointments.


At the conclusion of the reading of the previous meetings minutes, Craig Augustoni made a motion, seconded by John Augustino to approve them as read. Motion carried.


The next order of business was the nominations of Chairman and Vice-Chairman for the year 2010. Nominations were opened and Craig Augustoni nominated Ted Lowden for Chairperson with a second by John Augustino. There being no further nominations they were closed. Ted Lowden is Chairperson for 2010. John Augustino nominated Craig Augustoni for Vice-Chairperson seconded by Phil Drangula. There being no further nominations they were closed. Craig Augustoni is Vice-Chairperson for 2010. 


At this time the position on the Board representing a career firefighter or emt was discussed based on the resumes received and reviewed. A motion made by John Augustino to nominate Phil Drangula to that position, with a second by John Collins. Motion carried.





Fire Science


C. Kenneth Anderson reported that there have been no significant developments relating to the Fire Science Technology program since the last report. He attended the Training Center Graduation and congratulated the graduates on behalf of the College and encouraged them to continue their education and consider enrolling in the degree program. There have been a number of e-mails, phone calls, and meetings with students and prospective students relating to the program itself and transferring credit from other programs and institutions.     


Training Center


Dave Gsell talked about the progress on the training grounds involving the new propane burn building. Other up grades involving the existing buildings and grounds lighting were completed. The bid process was approved for the flash over and air projects. He stated that the student numbers were down slightly from the previous year and they are also working on a new data base system. There was some discussion on the way class critiques were accomplished and reviewed.  As a result of the discussion Dave Gsell will look into a more efficient way of doing them and provide more information and feed back to the Board. There was also some questions about the ambulance that was supposed to be purchased and Dave explained the five year plan and that vehicles are a capital item not a line item.



Public Safety Director


Mr. Dreby talked about the budget process and the line by line scrutiny of all Divisions. The Kimble group is still working and meeting next week. He also talked about the radio interference problems that have been going on. The red phones as we know them are being discontinued March 1st, however, if there are any departments that wish to continue their use may do so at that department’s expense. We are diligently working on the digital paging issue and the possibility of Home Land Security money for the infrastructure work. The AFM position was authorized to back fill and we are working on the procedural process. There were some issues with the Fleet Eye’s gps tracking for the paramedics that are being worked on and this system is strictly for them currently. There had been a quote from New World for EMS charts but was high, current in house system will be continued to be used. There was a question about cost on the digital pagers and the number thrown out was between $100.00 to $350.00 per unit.


Old Business




New Business


There was discussion about the Fire Marshal’s office and the Board providing assistance in doing an assessment of the programs that are delivered and future programs to possibly expand the Division. Fire Marshal Reed took the offer under advisement and advised the Board that we are already mandated by the Administration to look at our programs being delivered and to show mandatory verses voluntary and costs associated with them.


Good of the Order




The next meeting of the ESAB will be on April 1, 2010 at 1900 hours in the Freeholders Board Room. There being no further business before the Board the meeting was adjourned at 2000 hours.



Respectfully Submitted



Michael J. Reed

Fire Marshal