Meeting Minutes


Meeting Date: February 1, 2007



The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM by Chairperson Thaddeus Lowden.


Members present:


Craig Augustoni                    C. Kenneth Anderson

Lee Daneker                         Herald DeLaRoi

Donald Horner                       David Gsell

Thaddeus Lowden                Robert Rose

Fran Pagurek                        Joseph Saiia       

John Taylor                           


 Minutes from the November, 2006 meeting was approved on a motion by Mr. Augustoni, second by Mr. Daneker.


Minutes from the December, 2006 special meeting were approved on a motion by Mr. Daneker, second by Mr. Horner.


Chairperson Lowden opened the floor for nominations for Chairperson. Mr. Augustoni nominated Mr. Lowden, second by Mr. Horner. Mr. Lowden was re-elected Chairperson of 2007.


The floor was opened for nominations for Vice-Chairperson. Mr. Pagurek nominated Mr. Augustoni, second by Mr. Horner. Mr. Augustoni was re-elected Vice Chairperson for 2007.


Mr. Daneker moved, second by Mr. Pagurek, to close the election.





Fire Science – Mr. Anderson submitted an oral and written report.


Training Grounds – Mr. Gsell reported good attendance at the January graduation.


            Talks with the College concerning their simulator are ongoing and doing well.


            Site development funds for the new burn building in place.


            He will address fire officers at the annual Coordinators seminar.


            New cascade system is approved, but no funding yet. Mr. DeLaRoi added that a bond issue for all public safety work at the Westampton complex is forthcoming. Includes cascade, simulator and other major projects.


Radio – Mr. Saiia reporting. The extra generator is funded and designing is in progress.


 Bucks County, Pa. will pay for two communications lines to our Central.  Recently tested with good results. Burlington City will be testing shortly.


 State Police recently provide consoles to communicate with them on the  Parkway and lower end. Mr. Pagurek questioned Mt. Laurel communicating with them in this end of county. Mr. Saiia believes an IAC is sufficient.

 A new paging system is a five year project. Currently no redundancy in system. Adjustments to microwave system will be needed.


Freeholders have approved a new CPE and 9-1-1 consoles.


County has received 125 portable radios from state for emergency use.


Mr. Saiia reported one console has been unmanned due to staffing with no adverse effects.


The policy manual will be out soon.


He notes warranties expire 12/31/07. Costs for extended warranties are noted on the web site.


Mr. Pagurek questioned the need to call for times and numbers. What happen to FAX process? Mr. Saiia answered that equipment was purchased one

manufacture charged to the program.


Mr. Lowden inquired if County can spearhead cooperative purchasing for extended warranty. Mr. Saiia replied that Motorola will not go below state

contract price.


Mr. DeLaRoi introduced Mr. John Jablonski, Director of Burlington County’s Information Technology Department. He distributed an outline updating the Fire/EMS Pilot Working Group. This group is looking into data and record keeping programs. A discussion, questions, and answers followed.





The subject of the County EMS Coordinator approving the annex to the County OEM plan was raised. Mr. DeLaRoi believes OEM is working toward this goal.


Mr. Pagurek also pointed out that EMS Coordinators have not been trained on the new EOC. Chairperson Lowden will meet with the EMS Coordinator on this.


Mr. Daneker questioned the rejected LTAA applicants having to reapply. Chairperson Lowden stated

They will need to be renominated. Mr. Augustoni then motioned to have them resubmit, second by Mr. Horner. Motion approved.


Mr. Gsell stated June graduation was supposed to LTAA award night. This puts the next award program in June, 2008. Nominations need to be no later then January, 2008.


Chairperson Lowden directed him to revise the program and report back at April’s meeting.


Mr. Pagurek thanked Mr. Gsell for a job well done concerning the LTAA.





Legislation in the form of A3748 calls for Fallen Fire Fighter license plates with proceeds going towards children of fallen fire fighters. Mr. Augustoni motioned, second by Mr. Horner to request the Freeholder Board to support this legislation.







Seeing no further business, the meeting adjourned at 8:30 PM. The next meeting will be April 5, 2007, 7:00 PM.





Report on Fire Science Technology Degree Program

February 1, 2007   



       Work continues in preparation for Re-accreditation by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools in 2009.  An academic assessment is in progress for each program.  The background information is being collected at the Training Center that will become the starting point for the review of the Fire Science Technology curriculum.


       The course descriptions are being reviewed in preparation for the printing of the new College catalog.


       The work continues on developing recommendations for certificate and/or degree programs in Emergency Management, EMS, and Emergency Services Management. 


       Steve King has assembled a lot of information relating to Emergency Management degree programs.  We are arranging a meeting with Dean Edwards to review that information and see what additional investigation needs to be done.


       I prepared information about the Fire Science Technology degree and the Tuition Credit program that will be included on the CD that will be given to the registrants at the Fire Chiefs Seminar on February 7th.


       As needed, I meet with students or interested firefighters about the program. 



C. Kenneth Anderson

Program Coordinator