Meeting Minutes

January 12, 2006



The minutes of the Burlington County Emergency Services Advisory Board of January 12, 2006.


The meeting was called to order by Chairperson Thaddeus Lowden at 7:30 PM.


Members present:                  Craig Augustoni                   Kenneth Anderson

                                             Lee Daneker                        Harold DeLaRoi

                                             Donald Horner                     David Gsell

                                             Thaddeus Lowden                Robert Rose

                                             Scott Oatman                        Joseph Saiia

                                             Fran Pagurek

                                             John Taylor


Written copies of the November, 2005 meeting were distributed and approved on a motion by Mr. Horner, second by Mr. Augustoni.





Fire Science Program: Written report from Mr. Anderson is attached.


Training Center: Mr. Gsell reported minor progress with the Wall of Fame.


Winter/Spring catalog has been out since late November. Two Fire Fighter I classes are scheduled, with the Sunday class full. One EMT-B scheduled is full. 500 students are registered so far this semester.


3800 students were registered in 2005, with 3100 completing courses.


A CEU matrix has been developed for the EMS program.


The Leadership programs have a good mix of fire and EMS.


Mr. Gsell further reported a budget surplus for the Facility will be used for facility improvements.


There still is a Senior Instructor opening to manage the training grounds.  Looking for part time Fire and EMS instructors. Currently 75 are available.


Mr. Lowden questioned repairs of training grounds facilities. Mr. Gsell elaborated on his last statement and Mr. DeLaRoi added a bond issue is being put together for capital projects on the grounds.


Mr. Pagurek added that more technology in the classrooms would benefit students.


Radio: Mr. Saiia distributed data concerning the NW region “blocking”    concerns. The problem is being addressed and believes has been reduced.


Equipment acquisition is moving forward.


The Pemberton back up site is funded and is a priority to get it operational.

Fibre optics cable should be installed within 60 days.


Expansion of frequencies is progressing.


A generator is being sought to back up the main generator.


A new mobile radio tower system is in service and will have a generator and radios in case of tower failures.


Radio Network Communications Services Group will receive a rapid deployment vehicle for radio repair sometime in January. 


Mr. Lowden  questioned Mr. Saiia about a letter received by the ESAB from the Burlington Twp. Fire Director concerning collection and dissemination of data by Central Communications. Mr. Saiia stated he is working on the issue and Mr. DeLaRoi added that the County’s Information Technology Dept. will have something by January 27. The ESAB noted that supervision and control of Public Safety’s Information Technology Group was transferred back to the County’s IT Dept. Mr. Lowden further questioned that information could be transferred by computers directly to fire and EMS stations or MDTs. Further discussion ensued.


Mr. Lowden advised the Board that he would work on a reply to Burlington Twp. (copy distributed)









Mr. Lowden opened the floor for nomination of officers for 2006. Mr. Augustoni nominated Mr. Lowden for Chairperson, second by Mr. Oatman. By voice vote, Mr. Lowden was elected.


Mr. Taylor nominated Mr. Augustoni for Vice-Chairperson, second by Mr. Oatman. By voice vote, Mr. Augustoni was elected.








Seeing no further business to come before the ESAB, the meeting adjourned at 8:28 PM.


The next meeting of the ESAB will be Thursday, March 9, 2006, beginning at 7:30 PM.





Report on Fire Science Technology Degree Program

January 12, 2006



       The Emergency Services Training Center graduation was held January 5th.  Four classes were graduated, each part of the degree program at BCC. 


·        FSC 101, Introduction to Fire Science, seven credits

·        FSC 201, Fire Service Construction Principles, four credits

·        FSC 204, Fire Inspector Certification, six credits, and

·        EMS 101, Basic Emergency Medical Technician, eight credits.


       The new process so the Training Center courses will be treated more as BCC courses and the information will get into the College computer sooner has been initiated this semester.


       As needed, I meet with students or interested firefighters about the program.  There have been several phone conversations and e-mails recently.




C. Kenneth Anderson

Program Coordinator