February 2, 2017

   The February 2, 2017 meeting of the Burlington County Emergency Services Advisory Board was held at the ESTC and called to order by Chairperson Craig Augustoni at 1901hours.


   The following Board members were present, Chairperson Craig Augustoni, Vice-Chairman Lee Daneker, Anthony Burnett, William Smith, Ryan Hofmann, Phil Drangula, and Jamie.  Attending from the Department of Public Safety Services was Fire Marshal Robert Carr Jr.  Since it was determined that it would be a very short meeting due to 2 Board members leaving for other commitments Director Drinkard, Deputy Director Black and Mr. Wirth were not in attendance and excused from the meeting.   


    A motion was made by Mr. Burnett with a second from Mr. Daneker to accept the previous meeting minutes that were sent out via e-mail, motion carried.




     Nomination was made for Craig Augustoni by Mr. Smith with a second by Mr. Burnett.  The motion carried and there were no other nominations so the ballot was cast. 




   A nomination was made for Lee Daneker by Mr. Burnett with a second from Mr. Hofmann.  The motion carried and with no other nominations received, the ballot was cast.





Training Center


     See Attached report.



Public Safety Director


    See attached report.



Freeholders Office




Old Business


        Mr. Daneker discussed the most recent report from the Board of Visitors which was on the summer 2016 semester. 


New Business


    Mr. Smith brought up a concern about the ESAB portion of the County Fire Chief’s Association website not being updated for several years.  Chairman Augustoni advised that he would discuss this matter with Chief Joe Lehmann, who is the webmaster.  Chairman Augustoni thanked the Board for taking time out to attend the communications workshop.  He also asked everyone to support the State FirstNet project when it is on-line and   make sure that we continue to make sure that the State does not make us pay for something they are receiving for free. 


   Mrs. Wood advised the Board that the E.M.S. Chief’s Association appointed its 3 members of the Board for 2017.  The 3 members are Mr. Matthew Atkinson, Mrs. Jamie Wood, and Mr. George Jackson III. 



Good of the Order




    A motion was made by Mr. Hofmann for adjournment and seconded by Mr. Smith.  The meeting was adjourned by Chairman Augustoni at 1924 hours.


 **The next meeting will be Thursday, April 6, 2017 at 1900 hours at the E.S.T.C.



Respectfully Submitted               


Robert W. Carr Jr.

Fire Marshal/Board Secretary