The June 1, 2017 meeting of the Burlington County Emergency Services Advisory Board was held at the ESTC and called to order by Chairperson Craig Augustoni at 1900 hours.


   The following Board members were present, Chairperson Craig Augustoni, Vice-Chairman Lee Daneker, Ryan Hofmann, Phil Drangula, and Anthony Burnett.  Attending from the Department of Public Safety Services was Director John Drinkard, Deputy Director Howard Black, and Fire Marshal Robert Carr Jr.  Mr. Todd Wirth from the County Administration was also present.


    A motion was made by Mr. Burnett with a second from Mr. Hofmann to accept the previous meeting minutes that were sent out via e-mail, motion carried.





Training Center


     The semester was and continues to be busy and the semester is winding down.  Virtua is also keeping busy at the ESTC.  They have completed their spring EMT course with a 100% passing rate and have started their Summer I EMT program.  Virtua’s Paramedic Program is also running.  There will be no summer Fire I program due to logistical issues and there will be no Sunday Fire I course in the fall.  The ESTC is rolling out electronic registrations for classes from now on, much like the Law Enforcement Training Center.  Students will need approval from their chief or training officer and will need their e-mail in order to register.  Approximately 21 days prior to class starting, the students will get a reminder e-mail about the class if they were accepted.  The Board held an informational discussion about the on-line registration process.


Public Safety Director


    There are 7 new Trainee’s at Central that are from the first R.C.B.C. Dispatchers Course.  The second R.C.B.C. Dispatcher’s Course is going on now and they are about 3 weeks into the curriculum.  Public Safety Director Drinkard encouraged everyone to send people to Central, especially new members to see how the Center works and why things happen the way they do.  The radio project continues to move forward and now there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  The County is also working on having a new 9-1-1 phone system in place sometime in the future.  The Board held a discussion on why the E.S.T.C. vehicles went out to auction.


Freeholders Office




Old Business




New Business


    Mr. Hofmann brought up a discussion in reference to Central not notifying fire marshals when there is a burn victim.  A letter was sent to Chief Carrol of Central approximately 2 months ago and there is still not a policy in place.   This needs to be done because there are forms that need to be filled out and sent to the State per the New Jersey Uniform Fire Code.  Deputy Director Black will look into and follow-up with this issue.  Mr. Hofmann also brought up and a discussion followed on the topic of firefighters getting burned and either not seeking treatment or going to the wrong type of facility for treatment.  After the discussion it was determined that all parties involved need to educate the emergency services and this will be done through educational sessions for emergency services personnel and incorporating the information into ESTC courses. 


    Mr. Drangula mentioned that he was looking through old ESAB paperwork and found the Boards 5 year plan.  He mentioned that almost all the targets were met even though it was more than 5 years to achieve them.  It is also time for the annual awards and it was brought up that the notice should go out to the Association’s for the awards information.  The dates for any submittals will be 6/1/17 – 9/1/17.  The awards will cover any event that happened 8/1/16 – 7/31/17.  Fire Marshal Carr will work on this.



Good of the Order





    A motion was made by Mr. Drangula for adjournment and seconded by Mr. Burnett.  The meeting was adjourned by Chairman Augustoni at 1955 hours.


 **The next meeting will be Thursday, August 3, 2017 at 1900 hours at the E.S.T.C.




Respectfully Submitted               


Robert W. Carr Jr.

Fire Marshal/Board Secretary