The January 26, 2017 Communications Workshop of the Burlington County Emergency Services Advisory Board was held at the ESTC and called to order by Chairperson Craig Augustoni at 1000 hours.


   The following Board members were present, Chairperson Craig Augustoni, Vice-Chairman Lee Daneker, William Smith, George Jackson III, Ryan Hofmann, Phil Drangula, and Jamie Wood.  Attending from the Department of Public Safety Services was Director John Drinkard, Deputy Public Safety Director Howard Black, Radio Shop Supervisor John Kafka, I.T. Supervisor Kevin Shoppas, and Fire Marshal Robert Carr Jr.  Mr. Todd Wirth and Mr. Nick Behmke were in attendance from County Administration.  Anthony Burnett was excused from this workshop.   Invited guests that were in attendance were Chief William Kramer, Chief Fire Coordinator Pat Bigoss, Chief Tom Thorn, County Firefighterís Association President Mike Stein, and County Fire Chiefís Association President Rick Dreby.


  Chairman Augustoni welcomed everyone and all in attendance introduced themselves.  Director Drinkard discussed the status of the County radio project.  The Director also answered questions from the audience.  On February 8th the Public Safety Department is asking for permission to send out the tower bids on the new and rehab work that needs to be completed.  There is no final budget yet for the project.  The County will possibly be purchasing radios and this will also include upgrading Centralís phone system. 


   John Kafka also discussed the radio project and educated the audience in the aspects of the radio system project and answered questions.  Chief Tom Thorn spoke about and updated everyone on the survey that was sent out in 2013 to all the emergency services organizations in the County.  Some of the questions or wants have already been answered over the years from the work that has already been completed. 


    Mr. Behmke spoke about the I.T. side of the project and what was being considered and some thoughts on funding was discussed.    At the end of the presentations a question and answer period followed and the workshop was ended by Chairman Augustoni at 1230 hours.



Respectfully Submitted               


Robert W. Carr Jr.

Fire Marshal/Board Secretary